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Why Talent Isn't Enough

How important is talent to a writer? Is talent required in order to become successful? Is talent necessary to rise above the competition?

I'd be remiss to throw out talent altogether and say that it doesn't matter in the least. The truth is a bit of natural talent can probably help to a degree. Some people are born with wild imaginations. Some have the ability to embellish a story. Others have a smooth way of stringing words together. And all of that can certainly give a ...

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Let's Be Honest. Did You Pay For That Book Review?

One-Review Reviewers Are People, Too

For those not familiar with this topic, let me explain: Some people assume that reviewers with only one posted review on a site must be fake.

While I don't disagree this isn't ever the case, I have a few counter arguments:

Friends and family. This is the primary accusation, but I have to wonder why friends and family opinions don't count in the big world of reviewing? Just because the author got to know...

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How To Edit Your Books on BookDaily

We owe you an apology. As we were creating the new BookDaily Author Support Center, we noticed how difficult it was for you to update your books on the site. We apologize for the inconvenience and want to make it right. We've taken a few steps to streamline and simplify the process. Our hope is that your account is as intuitive as possible.

First take a look at what's required to complete your

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Contribute to the BookDaily Author Blog

Sharing is Caring

We couldn’t help to notice some of our author’s awesome blogs and wanted to invite all BookDaily authors to be guest contributors to the BookDaily Blog. You can submit new material to the site or other articles that you have related to author marketing and publishing. Naturally, we’ll provide links back to your website and your BookDaily Author Profile.

Start here to ...

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