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How to become a BookDaily Featured Author of the Day

We love sharing interesting tidbits about you to our Facebook and Twitter family so much that we created a Featured Author of the Day newsletter just to brag about you! The NEW Featured Author of the Day newsletter allows authors to create buzz about their books by sharing the inside scoop on their characters, a new series, or a unique ...

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Should Authors Stop Their Characters At First Base?

Why Not “Fade to Black?”

Authors make lots of choices. How much of the plot do we reveal? How soon do we reveal it? Should we follow one narrative point of view or many?

And then there is sex. How far do we let the characters go? Do we stop them at first base and fade to black? Second? Third? Is it necessary for the reader to watch them go all the way? How much detail is too much detail?

The choice I made was to be “all in.”


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It's Not Too Late To Promote Your Book for the Holidays on

At the heart of BookDaily, we aim to connect readers with authors. Readers can sample book excerpts directly on the site and also receive daily samples via email. Authors can add their books to the site for readers to view and also purchase while connecting with other authors.

When you're ready to intensify your exposure on the site for the holiday season, let us email your book sample to our readers, feature you on the BD home page, and spotlight you in as an Emerging Author. ...

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Starting Out As A Writer: 5 Things You Should Know

Becoming an author is a long road to walk, and most people have no idea how long it takes to become successful or what they need to do when traveling this road. There are a lot of different ways to get to the end of it, but here are a few suggestions I have to help you along on this journey.

1. Success is not immediate
Many people think that publishing a book is like winning the lottery: you just put the book up for sale and then watch the royalties roll in. The ...

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How to Get Bloggers to Review your Book

How do you get bloggers to review your novel? That is the magic question. Allow me to discuss the strategies that worked for me and that I believe can work for you.

Querying Bloggers

Speaking as a blogger and a former newspaper reviewer, it’s really annoying when an author sends a form letter seeking a review. It’s also kind of insulting. You want a blogger to spend how many hours reading your book and then writing a review, and the most you can personalize...

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