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Everything That You Wanted To Know About BookDaily's Kindle Promotions

The struggle to promote Kindle ebooks is real. Here at BookDaily, we want to make the promotion process as streamlined and effective as possible. After all--- we know that you have more writing to do! Here is the answer to every question you have about our Kindle Promotional campaign.

1. How does it work? The BookDaily Free Ebook promotion allows you to feature your book on BookDaily’s homepage and via email but ONLY pay when readers click to your Amazon download page....

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How Establish Time and Place in a Story | BookDaily #AuthorTips

Why should the opening scene in the first chapter of a novel establish the time and place of your story?

Certainly there's plenty of time to provide this information. The answer is that time and place are anchors for your story. Readers need these anchors so they can become engaged with the characters and the plot.

We have all read stories in which we looked for clues in the first chapter about the setting and time period and found that they were missing. It becomes...

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Why You Are Having Trouble With Your Account + How To Fix It!

If you're having trouble with your Book Daily Author account, we want to help! Here are 3 typical issues and how we can get you squared away:

Problem: "TypeError: Cannot read property 'error' of undefined"

If you are trying to update your author profile, but you haven't added a book yet, then you'll receive this error message.

The fix: Add a book to your account first. Here's a note from our Help Desk on

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We Want to Promote Your Free Kindle Book!

"I just wanted to say it's 3:40 FL time. You started featuring my books today, my Amazon Best Sellers Rank was 1,644,576 this morning and it is 123,696 now. WOW, I can't believe you made such a difference so quickly. I know it's not over but WOW. Thanks for your help!!!!!"
-KR Freeman author of "Ordinary to Hero in One Fall"

If your book is listed for free in the Amazon Kindle Store or you have upcoming Free Kindle Days, we'd love to share the word with our ...

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5 Tips for Writing Better Book Blurbs

If your book cover attracts potential readers, then you definitely need your book blurb to sell your story. Here at BookDaily, we come across thousands of book blurbs. Some blurbs are enticing. Others are forgettable. Here are 5 tips for creating better book blurbs:

ENGAGE. Use your opening sentence to charm and absorb your reader. The goal with that first sentence is to make the reader want to read more by setting the scene. Evoke emotion and capture the reader's ...

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