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How NOT To Get Reviews or Sales For Your Book | BookDaily #AuthorTips

Everyone has a different idea on what makes a book great, or just good; as many different styles of writing exist as are the number of opinions readers have about them, and all are valid from the readers’ points of view — even if they are vastly different. What I’d like to share today is from my experience of reviewing indie authors’ books, and the main reason I refuse reviews for an author, no matter their writing style, genre or quality.

In the past several months I’...

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Indie Author Friendly Book Promotion Options From BookDaily

Currently, BookDaily offers two book promotion campaigns. Both campaigns will get your book seen on BookDaily's home page and into the inboxes of BookDaily's readers. Here's a breakdown of the two campaigns:

The BookDaily Free Ebook Download program allows FREE ebooks from BookDaily authors to be featured to over 75,000 readers daily. Authors who enlist in this program can promote their FREE ebook in our newsletters and only pay for the readers who click to their Amazon download...

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[OPEN] How To Apply To Be The Featured Author Of The Day

Ever wondered how to get featured in the BookDaily Author newsletter? The Featured Author of the Day newsletter allows authors to create buzz about their books by sharing the inside scoop on their characters, a new series, or a unique writing process while letting the BookDaily community get to know you a little better.

To be considered for inclusion in the Featured Author of the Day newsletter, you must have an active enrollment in the Emerging Author program. SPACES ARE ...

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Should Indie Authors Talk About Trump? | BookDaily #AuthorTips

Questions About Politics #AuthorTips

About a year ago, I taught a publishing and marketing course. One of the subjects covered in the class was blogging. As we discussed possible topics to blog about, the class debated how personal to get in posts. We decided that unless you’re a chef or a foodie, no one cares what you had for lunch. The same could be said for posting about your love life—there are certain intimate details we’d rather not read about. (I can see how ...

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How BookDaily's Editors Pick Categories for Emerging Authors

BookDaily's Editors work diligently to find a match between an Emerging Author's book and what our readers like. The goal here is to get every Emerging Author as much exposure as possible to as many readers as possible. Here are a few things our editors consider when picking categories for Emerging Authors:

While we have a few hundred categories that can be added to your book listing, you may have noticed that you can only add one genre to your title via your...

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