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Why You Need More Than One Editor | BookDaily #AuthorTips

The Book Editing Process - Sometimes It's a Bumpy Ride

Choosing an editor for my memoir wasn't easy, but I knew it was an essential part of the publishing process. I cringe whenever I read a book review where the main complaint is formatting, spelling or punctuation errors. I wanted readers to judge me solely on the content of my story. With this in mind, I searched the web for many months, pouring through blogs and editor’s guilds until I found three candidates who looked ...

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3 Reasons To Embrace Female Driven Suspense Thrillers | BookDaily #AuthorTips


Okay, so the thriller genre is arguably the most popular fiction genre and women, not so arguably, buy the majority of books.

So why aren’t there more female heroes in thrillers?

Sounds like a no-brainer, doesn’t it? And I’m not talking about detectives or suburban moms who solve crimes between carpooling. I’m talking hardcore action thrillers. I’m talking about female versions of Jack Reacher, Lee Child’s ...

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