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The Featured Ebook newsletter powered by our companion site, pairs free Kindle ebooks from Amazon with great Kindle titles from BookDaily's Emerging Authors. Simply click on the "Send ...

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7 Point-of-View Basics Every Writer Should Know

In writing lingo we refer to point-of-view (POV) as the character through whom we tell the story. We get into the head of a particular character and see the story through her eyes. Sometimes we have one POV through the whole story. Other times we have multiple POVs.

Recently while reading a book, I became confused with some of the point of view changes. It was a really good story in many ways, and the author has had a long term writing career. So I was surprised to have to slog my ...

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Your blog is pretty awesome and we love your amazing insight into today's ever changing publishing industry. All BookDaily authors are invited to be guest contributors to the BookDaily Author Blog. You can submit new material to the site or other articles that you have related to author marketing and publishing. We especially love posts that are geared towards up and coming authors. Naturally, we’ll provide links back to your website and your BookDaily Author Profile. Of course, it's ...

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Does Removing Naughty Scenes Make It YA?

It's pretty well known that people have mixed opinions about adult scenes in entertainment. Some insist on it in their novels; others skim those scenes or flat-out refuse to read books with explicit naughtiness. So I wasn't surprised by the varied feedback concerning all the “doin' it” in my novel, SUMMONED. What I was surprised by, though, was the reason many people requested a copy without it...

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