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If your book is listed for free in the Amazon Kindle Store and you have an active BookDaily Emerging Author campaign, we'd love to share the word with our BookDaily readers in our Featured Ebook newsletter!

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The Rise of New Genres

I remember sitting in a workshop at writer’s conference over five years ago when one of the attendees asked the visiting editor from New York why publishers didn’t print books featuring college-aged characters (18-25). The editor replied that there wasn’t a market for them, and likely never would be.

If I have learned one thing about the publishing industry, it is this: everything changes. What is wallowing in the deep, dark, off-the-radar abyss today could be hot-...

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3 Ways You Can Promote Your Book on Twitter—Without Being Annoying!

The thoughts on how to use Twitter to promote a book are usually divided into two opinions: “Don't do it,” or “Share all the things!”

The first option makes Twitter feel irrelevant to your book marketing campaign, and the second makes you, well, blocked.

But could there be a happy medium? Yep! Here are 3 ideas to show you how it can be done.

Talk about your book. Your writing is part of your life, so there's no shame in mentioning it. You know,...

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Pardon Our Dust

We appreciate your feedback, your support and especially your patience as we have worked through our growing pains since our launch in 2009!

We are pleased to announce a number of changes to BookDaily, all tailored to make book discovery a better experience.

Most of the major changes are designed to help our authors. We're excited to announce the new BookDaily Author Support Center! It will ...

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