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We've made it even easier to keep track of your BookDaily Emerging Author promotions. Now you can view your past and pending promotions from your account. Here's how:

1. Log into your account
2. Click on the "My Books" icon
3. Select the "View Promotional Log" button
4. Click on the "View Promotion" icon across from the past or pending feature details. (Please note that this option...

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How to Create Conflict In Your Novel | BookDaily #AuthorTips

Conflict on Every Page

An important aspect of any novel, be it romance, mystery, western, fantasy, whatever, is conflict. There are many who say there should be conflict on every page. But how do you get conflict on every page? Dialog offers a great opportunity.


“You sound different today.”
“No I don’t.”

There’s conflict, in seven words.

Now, you might say, that’s not much conflict. That’s ...

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Even More Benefits Of Becoming A BookDaily Emerging Author

Your BookDaily Emerging Authors promotion reaches readers on PLUS our companion site, a popular newsletter site with more than 1.5 million subscribers and 10 million monthly page views. The freshly redesigned will feature BookDaily Emerging Authors on the home and main topic pages amonst the day's top news stories.

Current Emerging Authors---you're all set. Your ...

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Book Marketing Strategies That Don't Work | BookDaily #AuthorTips

Should You Take that Book Marketing Advice?

People want to help. Really they do. But sometimes even well-intentioned marketing advice is just not for you. I found this out after publishing my first book, Living the Thin Life, which helps people develop their own customized plan for maintaining a healthy weight. Once I got over the shock of realizing sales weren’t going to magically happen just because my book was available, I began my journey of learning how to...

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Legit Reasons Why Edited Books Are Still Awful

Many readers who delve into the indie book world know there's an epidemic with poor editing. The usual assumption is that the book was never formally introduced to an editor. The runner up assumption is that the editor had no idea what they were doing. And while both of these scenarios happen more often than they should, there are some other factors not usually discussed.

So, guess what we're doing today? Discussing why edited books are still awful, of course.

What ...

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