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4 Essentials for Your Author Website #AuthorTips

With all of the online resources available to help authors connect with readers, is it really necessary to have an author website? Yes. Because it’s one of the first places readers will go to find you, a website is the foundation of your marketing platform. Your website is your home base; it’s an online portfolio showcasing your work. And, by connecting your website with social media like Facebook and Twitter, it allows you to coordinate your other marketing efforts.


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The #1 Reason Why Readers Hate Indie Books: Poor Editing

We all need an editor from time to time. It’s not something we outgrow. One very intelligent and literate adult I know had to be convinced that it was “together” not “togather”. I married him anyway.

Another acquaintance, also a writer, regularly puts out blog posts that say she’s “suppose to” or “use to”. Where did those d’s disappear to? Gah.

We split our infinitives and misplace our modifiers. We can’t get it through our heads that we only use the ...

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5 Tips to Avoid Anachronisms in Your Storyline #Authortips

When I was writing my novel “Close to Destiny,” I almost had one of my characters doing the tango in the late 1800s. (Although a work of contemporary fiction, the novel contains a few scenes set in the nineteenth century.) As I sat there, imagining the picture I had created with my words, a question popped into my mind: Hold on, would someone do the tango in England at that time...

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Having Trouble Updating Your Author Listing? Start Here.

Before you share a little about yourself with the BookDaily readers, you must add your book. If you need help with that, you can start here: How to add a book to

Now let's talk about what you can include on your BookDaily Author Listing:

Author Photo- Put a picture to your name by including your headshot. To fit into our template, you can upload a JPG, GIF or PNG file. Images should be a ...

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