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What Fuels Your Writing? | BookDaily #AuthorTips

The First Question I Ask Every New Writer

Many serious people in this world endeavor to write a book. They have an idea, either fiction or nonfiction, that appeals to them. They—

Think about the topic.
Dive into what’s essential for a fiction or nonfiction book.
Plan subject matter and chapters.
Talk about their writing project to friends and family.
Prepare necessary research.
Create an outline.
Trust in the project...

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How BookDaily Promotions Boosted Counterstrike From #19,394 to 373!


When Travis L Salisbury wanted to increase his author and brand recognition, he decided to use BookDaily's Free Ebook Download campaign to advertise Counterstrike: Heaven Sent Book One. This approach not only increased recognition of his book, but also boosted Counterstrike: Heaven Sent Book One from # 19,394 to 373 on Amazon's Bestseller rankings.


Travis decided to promote Counterstrike: Heaven ...

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Is Your Novel Too Sexy? | BookDaily #AuthorTips

As a reader and author what do you consider too sexy? I have to admit that as a reader, I’m prone to skimming. That means, while I appreciate the good, steamy build up, I don’t really care to read about the consummation of the act. (I’m an adult, I get how the mechanics work. So, unless it’s a sex-how-to manual or an x-rated adult book, the mechanics only slow the story down for me). Therefore, as an author, I tend to write the steamy build ups and the glowing aftermaths; but, I ...

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Should Writers Do Research For Fiction Books? | BookDaily #AuthorTips

Researching for either fiction or non-fiction is a rewarding component of the writing process. Authors look for those vital connections or insights that authenticate the manuscript. A valuable fact, historical event, or exacting description bring the words to life for readers as they already are for the author who is immersed into the subject matter.

Because this serendipitous find is so exciting to the author, it is difficult not to oversell it to the reader. There’s a ...

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