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Did You Pay For That Book Review?

One-Review Reviewers Are People, Too

For those not familiar with this topic, let me explain: Some people assume that reviewers with only one posted review on a site must be fake.

While I don't disagree this isn't ever the case, I have a few counter arguments:

Friends and family. This is the primary accusation, but I have to wonder why friends and family opinions don't count in the big world of reviewing? Just because the author got to know...

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How Can I Increase My Exposure on BookDaily?

At the heart of BookDaily, we aim to connect readers with authors. Readers can sample book excerpts directly on the site and also receive daily samples via email. Authors can add their books to the site for readers to view and also purchase.

Are you looking for more exposure on BookDaily?

When you're ready to intensify your exposure on the site, let us email your book sample to our readers, feature you on the BD home page, and spotlight you in as an Emerging ...

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We Want To Promote Your Free Ebook

We're excited to introduce a new free benefit exclusively for BookDaily Emerging Authors. If your book is listed for free in the Amazon Kindle Store and you have an active BookDaily Emerging Author campaign, we'd love to share the word with our BookDaily readers in our Featured Ebook newsletter!

The Featured Ebook newsletter powered by our companion site, pairs free Kindle ebooks from Amazon with great Kindle titles from BookDaily's Emerging Authors. Simply click on...

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How To Price Your Ebook To Sell

Whether you’re a self-published author with titles on Amazon or selling a non-fiction book on your website, product pricing is a major component of your marketing plan and income projections. I’m guessing you’ve spent a lot of time considering price point tactics. But let’s face it, the cost of ebooks – both theory and advice – is all over the board. What’s an author to do?

Just before the recent release of my second novel, I went looking for guidance that would ...

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4 Steps To A Charismatic Author Photo

Even the shyest among us need an author photo for our book cover, marketing promotions, and for Mom to point to when she brags to the neighbors about having a published writer in the family.

Having seen tons of bad author photos, let me start by telling you what NOT to do:

1. Don't have your cat/dog/bird in the photo unless they contributed to writing the book.

2. Use a recent photo or at least one that could pass for recent. If your bio says you've been in ...

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