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How To Get Constructive Critiques on Your Novel | BookDaily #AuthorTips

The value of getting feedback from others is that they read your work with fresh eyes. The only way you could do that for yourself is to put your manuscript away for weeks if not months. Jane Austen would wait a year before editing her work. Too long, you say?

But resist the temptation to recruit friends and family. They may hesitate to give you the unvarnished criticism you’re looking for because they’re afraid of hurting your feelings. But even if they’re willing to ...

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How BookDaily Promotions Boosted Red Metal From # 16,528 to 420


When Peter Faur wanted to increase his author and brand recognition, he decided to use BookDaily's Free Ebook Download campaign to promote Red Metal. This approach not only increased recognition of his book, but also boosted Red Metal from # 16,528 to 420 on Amazon's Bestseller rankings.


Peter opted to promote Red Metal while it was available for free via Kindle to reach the most relevant ...

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BookDaily's Cure for Your Book Hole (+ Get Seen by over 20,000 readers!)

NEW! Introducing BookDaily's Cure for Your Book Hole (+ Get Seen by over 20,000 readers!)

We've all been in a book-hole before. Desperately scrolling Amazon's recommendations for a new set of characters to vicariously live through or a world to get lost in. BookDaily readers know that feeling oh to well, which is why they asked us for a new newsletter that only features our favorite chart topping titles---and we've done just that! Meet the Featured Bestseller of the Day--...

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Should Your Character Swear? | BookDaily #AuthorTips

Do fictional characters swear?

It seems like a simple enough question, but when you really start to think about it, it’s not that simple of a question at all. There are so many aspects as to why people swear. You have to consider not only the character traits of the person, but also their societal, cultural, religious, and familial background. After all, even in our own reality and our own world, not everyone swears. Some people find it personally offensive, some were ...

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How To Climb The Book Rankings Using BookDaily Promotions!

“Yesterday I had 14 free downloads on Parched (Book 1) and today I already have 108! I would say that the pay-per-click promotion is working!”
-ZL Arkadie, author of “Parched”

Want to give your permanently free ebook a boost or are you looking for a way to get more publicity for your ebook's free Kindle Days? Then let BookDaily promote you!

The Free Ebook Program allows you to promote your free title in our newsletters and only pay for the ...

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