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Why You Are Having Trouble With Your Account + How To Fix It!

If you're having trouble with your Book Daily Author account, we want to help! Here are 3 typical issues and how we can get you squared away:

Problem: "TypeError: Cannot read property 'error' of undefined"

If you are trying to update your author profile, but you haven't added a book yet, then you'll receive this error message.

The fix: Add a book to your account first. Here's a note from our Help Desk on

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Should Authors Discount Their Books?

It can seem counterintuitive to offer your book to readers for free. However, over 76% of BookDaily Authors have reported to us that they have a permanently free Kindle book published to Amazon or that they are enrolled in the KDP Select program.

Here are the reasons that these authors have elected to use the "free" strategy to attract readers:
• Many authors report that it can lead to a significant increase in sales following the free promotion.
• Their book��...

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7 Unorthodox Ways to Sell More Books | BookDaily #AuthorTips

So, you’ve promoted your book in all the usual places and are wondering what to do next. Here are 7 lesser known ideas for getting your book noticed:

Is your book set in an actual place? If so, send a piece about yourself and your book to the local newspaper and other publications specific to that area. They are always looking for stories to fill their pages. If you can, travel to the place yourself and take a photo of one of the places ...

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[OPEN] How To Become A BookDaily Featured Author Of The Day

Ever wondered how to get featured in the BookDaily Author newsletter? The Featured Author of the Day newsletter allows authors to create buzz about their books by sharing the inside scoop on their characters, a new series, or a unique writing process while letting the BookDaily community get to know you a little better.

To be considered for inclusion in the Featured Author of the Day newsletter, you must have an active enrollment in the Emerging Author program. SPACES ARE ...

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4 Book Cover Essentials | BookDaily #AuthorTips

How can you interest readers in your book when you are a newly published author? Writing a great story is only the beginning. Building an audience eager to buy your book is an ongoing marketing effort. When your book has a great cover, you'll be off to a good start. Since a book cover is the first thing a potential reader sees, it's the big hook that has to work for you.

Here are four essential elements of book covers that attract readers:

• The front cover ...

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