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8 Tips For Writing Explosive Action Scenes

I’m a dance teacher and choreographer-turned author. Writing is my main focus, and I’m retired from teaching in a studio setting, but I satisfy that passion for dance by choreographing middle- and high school musical theater productions. My daughter observed recently, “Mom, your choreography has improved since you started writing.”

Writing and choreography have a lot in common. As a writer, I want my readers to be able to visualize the action in the story as clearly as if ...

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Genre Zombies | BookDaily #AuthorTips

We novelists are advised, ad nauseam, to choose a genre or sub-genre, to read manically in that domain, then to pound out a book eerily similar to the many we've just read. Isn't this classic zombie behavior, using the brains of others for our own ends? Is this the path to commercial success? Probably not, unless you can top authors who are already published. Worse, being a genre zombie sucks the vitality from the reasons we write .

Novelists enjoy the electrifying...

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