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The Procrastinators Guide to Story Avoidance

Nice catchy title, and oh so true in my case. (Case in point – me writing this blog post is a good example – I should be finishing The Station).

I also have a horrible habit of going off topic, (yet another symptom of procrastination), so I’ll try my hardest not to do this too much.

Let’s get straight to the point here. Writers generally drop into procrastination mode when either of the following conditions occurs:

1) Coming up to the point in ...

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Does BookDaily Work?

"I keep telling everyone about your program. It's definitely working for me. Amazon Publishing contacted me and I have just signed a contract with them for my Love In Provence books."
-Patricia Sands, author of The Promise of Provence

"When you promoted my book "BASH" on the Arcamax ezine my Amazon...

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Thousands of readers join BookDaily monthly and our mission is to ensure that they can find you, get a taste of your writing, and even purchase your titles if desired.

Our promotional campaign allows you to be prominently highlighted on the BookDaily home page, featured in 50,000 promotional emails and introduce you to readers in the Emerging Author section of the site.

When you're ready to become a BookDaily ...

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All Books Aren't Timeless and That's Okay

It's not uncommon for authors to admit that they hope their work lives on after them, a sort of immortality that doesn't require cooperation from the undead. I used to think it was a rather sweet sentiment—and I still do, to a point—until some authors insisted that is the one and only goal of all writing.

I disagree.

In fact, I will go so far to say that all writing isn't exactly timeless. At least, not in the way that a reader can pick it up a hundred years from ...

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Now let's talk about what you can include on your BookDaily Author Listing:

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