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10 Reasons We Want to Promote Your Free Kindle Book

For years, BookDaily Authors asked us to create a promotional product exclusively for free ebooks. After development and monthly experimental testing, we finally launched the BookDaily Free Ebook promotion a few weeks ago. The goal of this promotion is to give your book an insane amount of exposure by launching it to the top of the charts. Here are ten reasons why you should promote your free kindle book with BookDaily:

1. Actual Results. The BookDaily Free Ebook ...

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How To Choose The Best BookDaily Promotion For Your Book

Once your profile and books are on BookDaily, we offer promotional campaigns for every budget. Make sure your books are the ones that our readers are sampling! Currently, BookDaily offers two book promotion campaigns. Both campaigns will get your book seen on BookDaily's home page and into the inboxes of BookDaily's readers. Here's a breakdown of the two campaigns:

The BookDaily Emerging Author campaign allows you to promote your...

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Why I Updated My Book After I Received Negative Reviews | BookDaily #AuthorTips

Recently, I joined a “local” science fiction book club—a 100-mile round trip from my house—because I wanted to take the pulse of my audience for my self-published novel, Mindclone. The first meeting I attended, we discussed the novel, The Dispossessed, by Ursula K. LeGuin. I greatly enjoyed this book, which uses the concept of two worlds with opposing political and economic systems: an idealized Communism and an extreme form of Capitalism. I’ve always believed that one of the ...

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What Inspired Your First Book? | BookDaily #AuthorTips

“Everyone has a book inside of them”—a phrase I learned from Robert Ousnamer (blogger, de-signer, aspiring author). The question then is, how to get that book out and onto paper? Some-times it simply takes an unusual inspiration. When I started working on The Kantz Journal, my inspiration was being told I had to leave my beloved South Florida and move to a new location if I wanted to stay with the same company. Wow—the ideas began emerging! My encourage-ment is to find a quiet ...

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50 Tips for Marketing Your Book on BookDaily [Free Ebook!]

Whether you are an indie or traditionally published author, marketing your book can be overwhelming, exhausting, and completely confusing. Honestly, the hardest part is just knowing where to start. But we want you to know that you’re not alone. We want to help authors (especially our lovely indie authors) find new readers, get noticed, while keeping the process transparent, convenient and affordable.

Our free ebook is full of relevant marketing information to help you grow ...

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