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BookDaily Emerging Authors are writers with featured titles on and our sister site, a popular newsletter site with more than 1.5 million subscribers and 10 million monthly page views. Each month, we distribute Emerging Authors' books to 50,000 readers by email and highlight their titles on the BookDaily home page.

The exposure is pretty insane. The program also includes addition in the Emerging Authors section of the site and in our Top Five Emerging ...

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5 Things Every New Writer Should Know | BookDaily #AuthorTips

1. There is no such thing as a perfect book.

Since the dawn of time when humans first started making scratches on cave walls and parchment, there has never been a perfect text created. Every book ever published contains typos, character development flaws, plot holes, needless words, and formatting issues. And that INCLUDES ALL traditionally published books, all the classics, and all Shakespeare's works. There is no perfect book anywhere in the universe.


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For years, BookDaily Authors asked us to create a promotional product exclusively for free ebooks. After development and monthly experimental testing, we finally launched the BookDaily Free Ebook promotion a few weeks ago. The goal of this promotion is to give your book an insane amount of exposure by launching it to the top of the charts. Here are ten reasons why you should promote your free kindle book with BookDaily:

1. Actual Results. The BookDaily Free Ebook ...

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How do Mediocre Books Make it to the Top 100?

You’ve just penned the greatest book ever written and you can’t understand why it’s not selling. I think most authors feel this way. With over a thousand newly published books hitting the internet skyway every day why doesn’t yours stand out? We’ve all read plenty of these best sellers, many with breakout authors that are unknown. And I agree, my friend’s books are equally, if not better, than many of these best sellers.

I’ve had conversations with some of the ...

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"It was a great promo. Gave away many more books than I have with other methods/vendors. I went to #2 in my category, and went to #914 in "all" free Kindle ebooks on those days, of which there were approximately 85,000! So thank you." -GG Fulton, author of “Hound Dog Day”

Want to give your permanently free ebook a boost or are you looking for a way to get more publicity for your ebook's free Kindle Days? Then let BookDaily promote you!

The Free Ebook ...

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