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My Book Isn't Free; Can I still promote it on BookDaily?


BookDaily Emerging Authors are writers with featured titles on and our sister site, a popular newsletter site with more than 1.5 million subscribers and 10 million monthly page views. Each month, we distribute Emerging Authors' books to 50,000 readers by email and highlight their titles on the BookDaily home page.

The BookDaily Emerging Author campaign allows you to promote your book in 50,000 BookDaily readers every month for $...

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Does Removing Naughty Scenes Make It YA?

It's pretty well known that people have mixed opinions about adult scenes in entertainment. Some insist on it in their novels; others skim those scenes or flat-out refuse to read books with explicit naughtiness. So I wasn't surprised by the varied feedback concerning all the “doin' it” in my novel, SUMMONED. What I was surprised by, though, was the reason many people requested a copy without it...

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Should You Write A Sequel? | BookDaily #AuthorTips

Do I Need a Sequel?

How do you know when your story needs a sequel? It isn't based on page count as many a novice author believes; it's based on the higher story arc of the characters. Each book in a series, such as the Harry Potter series, is built around two story arcs: the low arc—such as finding and saving the Sorcerer's Stone (book one of the Harry Potter series), and the higher arc—overcoming Voldemort. In each book of the Harry Potter series, there is a story ...

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How To Promote Free Ebooks on

“Yesterday I had 14 free downloads on Parched (Book 1) and today I already have 108! I would say that the pay-per-click promotion is working!”
- ZL Arkadie, author of “Parched

If your book is listed for free in the Amazon Kindle Store or you have upcoming Free Kindle Days, we'd love to share the word with our BookDaily readers! The Free Ebook Program allows you to promote your free title in our newsletters and only pay for the readers who click to your ...

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Ways to Avoid Plot Holes and Inconsistencies | BookDaily #Authortips

Whether you include flashbacks or not in your book, chances are you have at least references to past events here and there. As writers, it’s easy to get caught up in our creativity and leave time inconsistencies in our wake… These sorts of errors do slip by, and I think we’ve all seen them in everything from self-published novels to those published by major houses. But there are ways of minimizing your risks.

In my novel PARIS, RUE DES MARTYRS, the plot unfolds in a short...

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