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15 Signs You’re NOT An Author

How Not to Be a Writer

Ever wonder if you’re doing this whole writing thing wrong? We have a bad writing session. The words are all glomming up in the back of our minds and refusing to flow across the page. Our editor hits us with a tough critique, in which he offers the humble suggestion that we change, well, pretty much everything about our story. Someone reads our story and, instead of laughing and crying in all the right places, his best response is...

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Market Your Book Like A Pro

Your Book Is A Product

You have an idea that you wish to turn into a novel, or you have already written the novel, now what? If you web search to find an answer to that question, you will find many people that you do not know who will give you an answer. Yet, if you think about it, you know the answer without being told. The answer is that you must promote yourself as a writer in order to find out who likes to read what you write. Learn as much as you can about who ...

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How To Get Noticed On BookDaily

At the heart of BookDaily, we aim to connect readers with authors. Readers can sample book excerpts directly on the site and also receive daily samples via email. Authors can add their books to the site for readers to view and also purchase.

Are you looking for more exposure on BookDaily?

When you're ready to intensify your exposure on the site, let us email your book sample to our readers, feature you on the BD home page, and spotlight you in as an Emerging ...

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If It Isn't Personal

This morning I received three emails.

One was from a lady in Scotland who read one of my books and joined my fan page. She wanted me to know how much she appreciated waking up and finding that I had responded to her messages.

The second was from a man in Australia who sent me a list of things he liked about Silent Witness. He highlighted sentences that he particularly liked, but at the end of his note he said “thank you for making Hannah so intelligent.”


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