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The Real Problem With Your Indie Book | BookDaily #AuthorTips

Dear Indie Author,

First, I want to congratulate you on being brave enough to self-publish your own book! You did the work, built the world, fell in love with the characters, and probably stuck it out through rejections from agents and publishers. I commend you on your persistence and bravery.

With that being said…we really need to have a talk about something. This conversation has been coming for a while, and I promise to be as gentle as I know how to be.


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How To Get Your Free Kindle Book Featured On BookDaily's Homepage!

By now, you probably know that BookDaily is a great platform for authors to use to reach thousands of readers. We have two promotional campaigns and the difference between them is your book’s price point. If your book is available for free (to all Kindle users) then you’ll qualify for our Free Ebook Download program. (If you book isn’t free, take a peek at our Emerging Author promotion; it’s amazing!) The goal ...

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How to Persist in Writing | BookDaily #AuthorTips

One of the hardest things about writing a novel is having the endurance to finish. Authors can be plagued by doubt, facing imposter syndrome. Is my book good enough? Will anyone want to read it? The publishing industry is flooded with writers submitting manuscripts and it’s not easy to get published. Nor should it be—it is important for publishers to vet submissions to discover books that will engage readers and sell—publishing is a business after all. Given those odds, I can’t ...

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How To Write A Memorable Opening Scene | BookDaily #AuthorTips

Horns were honking at my double-parked car, my 2-year-old was pulling at my skirt, and the bookstore was overheated, but I was standing in the aisle desperate to find a book for next week’s train trip. How fast could I pick something? Aside from glancing at the covers, I had enough time to read only the first few lines before making my decision.

Far fetched you think? Well, maybe, but the fact is most people choose a book within the first few minutes of opening it. So...

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