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How Successful Authors Deal with Rejection | BookDaily #AuthorTips

Dare I bring up such an unsavory subject? Yes! It’s part of everyone’s life, especially artists. Let’s admit from the start that rejection is painful. If you’re anything like me, it challenges your confidence and shakes your commitment.

Recently, I spent an hour with an author-friend recuperating from surgery. He told me he was discouraged because 30 publishers had rejected his manuscript. “Thirty rejections?” I echoed. “Why, don’t you know, 100 is just about ...

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Who are Readers?

We’ve shared a few interesting trends about BookDaily subscribers over the last few months. We’ve told you that they love a good bargain read, ebook outsells paperback, and our subscribers are looking to BookDaily for a good book to share. Well here’s a little more information about BookDaily readers that we discovered in our latest survey.

Not only do 80% of BookDaily subscribers read every day, over 65% report reading 1-2 books a week.


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The Luxury of Self-Publishing | BookDaily #AuthorTips

Used to be, self-published authors were looked at with a wary, squinty eye.

No more.

Or at least, rarely.

There are still those moments, but things have changed.

The best news is that though some retail book stores still take issue with self-published authors, and even some libraries, there's still an entire arena of folks who are open to self-published authors and the books they produce.

Being self-published takes guts, and I love that. ...

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"I have to say that BookDaily is truly behind all its authors. The exposure I have seen them give my book, and all the other Emerging Authors in the past couple of weeks is nothing short of amazing. Their marketing techniques, in this competitive market are greatly appreciated. I am glad to be part of BookDaily."

-Thomas Zman, author of "From Whence They Came"

"I keep telling everyone ...

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