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3 Ideas For Writing Holiday Themed Books | BookDaily #AuthorTips

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas... including in bookstores! Have you noticed Christmas books seem to be everywhere? When you think about it, it makes sense. People love holiday lattes, seasonal updates to menus, and festive decorations. Why wouldn't that carry over to books as well?

Just take a look around Amazon or BookDaily and you'll see "Christmas" popping up in a lot of titles. So it's clear readers enjoy Christmas books... Now how can you jump in on the fun? ...

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Wondering How To Promote Your Book On BookDailycom?

BookDaily offers two book promotion campaigns. Both campaigns will get your book seen on BookDaily's home page and into the inboxes of BookDaily's readers. Here's a breakdown of the two campaigns:

The BookDaily Emerging Author campaign allows you to promote your book to 50,000 BookDaily readers every month for $49. This campaign is perfect for authors who have multiple books that they'd like to promote, as you can change your ...

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How awesome would it be to win a month of FREE promotion for your book this Holiday season? Enter the BookDaily Author Promotion Giveaway!

Have your book promoted in 50,000 emails, featured on the BookDaily home page, and spotlighted in the Emerging Authors Section of the site all for free.

There are a couple ways to enter. Here's how:
- Confirm your BookDaily author account and add your books.
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Surviving Criticism of Your Writing, Without Losing Confidence | BookDaily #AuthorTips

At a visit to a school to present my YA books (the Blood Omen Saga) recently, a seventh-grader asked me how I deal with criticism. I have tried and failed a number of times to get UK and US agents interested in representing my book and every 'no, thanks' is a sharp pain that for a time makes me feel angry, depressed, and a failure. But it doesn't last. And I keep trying.

How to handle criticism and rejection

I've learned to deal with it because I had to. The year I ...

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