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10 Things Every First-Time Self-Publishing Author Should Know

While writing Free of Malice was a labor of love, as a first time self-published author, I have learned that writing the book is just the beginning. Taking the manuscript to final product, distribution and promotion are just as important. Hopefully my Top 10 tips will make the journey a little easier for others who are just starting out.

1. Create and pay for your own ISBN so you stay in control of distribution.

2. Have a few honest friends give you early ...

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How To Promote All Of Your Books With One Emerging Author Campaign

We've got you covered. Did you know that you can change your promoted title in your BookDaily Emerging Author Campaign at any time? Once you've began your campaign, be sure that your new title is listed on and then send a note to your dedicated Author Team here to update your promotional title.

If you're not an BookDaily Emerging Author yet, let us email your book sample to our ...

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Author Bloggers Wanted!

You know much more about the publishing industry and writing in general than you think! Share it with the rest of the BookDaily Author Community!

You can submit new material to the site or other articles that you have authored related to author marketing and publishing. Naturally, we’ll provide links back to your social media and your BookDaily Author Profile so that the other 10,000+ BookDaily authors, agents, and publishing industry insiders can connect with you.


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4 Real Reasons Why Book Bloggers Won't Review Your Book

It’s true – reviews help sell books.

Finding them is the hard part.

There are a myriad of ways in which to obtain reviews for your novel once you’ve successfully published as an indie author. Your goal is fifty or maybe a hundred reviews within the first six months after publishing. Friends and family members, fellow critique members, beta readers, maybe a few co-workers at that other job.

But now you’re ready to bite the bullet and spend some ...

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Why Readers Just Aren't That Into Your Book | #AuthorTips

I had dinner with a friend of mine the other night, and the conversation turned to novels we had recently read. More specifically, we discussed what makes a book a good or interesting read. People like to read fiction for different reasons: some may want to laugh, while others desire a real tear-jerker. Some like action, while others want drama. Some readers may want to think, but others may need to feel. Some may want pieces of all of this. But we all, at the end of the day, want ...

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