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Platform, Marketing, and Publicity---What's the Difference?

Think of your book as a sailboat. You can spend years building the most beautiful and seaworthy sailboat in the world, but without any wind, that sailboat is never going to leave the harbor. How does an author generate that wind? Through platform development, marketing, and publicity. All three of which serve distinct purposes and together are key components for a successful book promotion strategy.

Let’s start with platform development

In publishing, an ...

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What To Do With Your Deleted Scenes | BookDaily #AuthorTips

One of the biggest fears many writers have is not getting it right. Often times, this anxiety can be so debilitating that the story grinds to a halt, the author unable to progress because the story’s current status isn’t perfect (perfection is a myth by the way, but that’s a post for another time). The purpose of this post is to assure my fellow writers that there is a way to escape the incapacitating fear of imperfection. I call it ‘the MultiVerse.’

The MultiVerse is ...

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Your Writing Isn't Timeless And It's Not A Big Deal | BookDaily #AuthorTips

It's not uncommon for authors to admit that they hope their work lives on after them, a sort of immortality that doesn't require cooperation from the undead. I used to think it was a rather sweet sentiment—and I still do, to a point—until some authors insisted that is the one and only goal of all writing.

I disagree.

In fact, I will go so far to say that all writing isn't exactly timeless. At least, not in the way that a reader can pick it up a hundred years from ...

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