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5 Benefits of Promoting your Book on BookDaily

The goal of every BookDaily promotion is to give your book an insane amount of exposure and help you launch to the top of the charts. Book promotions are BookDaily are not just streamlined, but they are effective. Here are 5 more benefits of promoting your book on BookDaily:

Indie Author Friendly- BookDaily is not bound or backed by traditional publishers. We independently focus on promoting books that our readers will enjoy. Our goal is and will always be to connect ...

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3 Ways to Beat Writer's Block | BookDaily #AuthorTips

Sooner or later, you’re going to hit a wall. You’ll know it’s happened when you find yourself staring at a blank computer screen, hands motionless on the keyboard, trying to decide between collapsing on your face and hurling your laptop on the floor.

Everyone hits a creative wall now and again. Don’t worry; it’s all a part of the writing process. The important thing is to figure out how to keep your head and get through the wall. Here are some tips to help you along ...

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Space is Limited! Schedule Your Kindle Promotion Now

"The pay-per-click promotion on BookDaily provided an immediate download leap of my novel like a Formula One race car from the starting line. We're talking zero to a hundred in two-point-five seconds! Thanks to the BookDaily pit crew for all their hard work." -DA Bale, author of “Running Into The Darkness”

Space is limited. If you want to give your permanently free ebook a boost or are you looking for a way to get more publicity for your ebook's free Kindle Days ...

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4 Book Marketing Strategies That I've Tried...and If They Worked | BookDaily #AuthorTips

Should You Take that Book Marketing Advice?

People want to help. Really they do. But sometimes even well-intentioned marketing advice is just not for you. I found this out after publishing my first book, Living the Thin Life, which helps people develop their own customized plan for maintaining a healthy weight. Once I got over the shock of realizing sales weren’t going to magically happen just because my book was available, I began my journey of learning how to...

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Everything That You Wanted To Know About How BookDaily Promotes Free Kindle Titles

The struggle to promote Kindle ebooks is real. Here at BookDaily, we want to make the promotion process as streamlined and effective as possible. After all--- we know that you have more writing to do! Here is the answer to every question you have about our Kindle Promotional campaign.

1. How does it work? The BookDaily Free Ebook promotion allows you to feature your book on BookDaily’s homepage and via email but ONLY pay when readers click to your Amazon download page....

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