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The Emotional Side of a Book Release

For me (and others, I’m sure), releasing a book is like taking a scalpel to my sternum, slicing through my chest, and saying, “Here total stranger, for $3.99 you can have a glimpse into my heart.” Because, inevitably, every author writes pieces of their soul into their work, and if it’s good writing, you can never get away from that.

For some reason, that vulnerability came through extra strong with the release of Antebellum ...

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Which BookDaily Promotion Is Right For You?

Currently, BookDaily offers two book promotion campaigns. Both campaigns will get your book seen on BookDaily's home page and into the inboxes of BookDaily's readers. Here's a breakdown of the two campaigns:

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How to Write a Bad Sex Scene | BookDaily #AuthorTips

If you want your readers to cringe, offer poorly written prose that fails to engage. If you want to turn them off entirely, introduce a bad sex scene. Readers will never forget it, try as they might. They also might throw your book against a wall. Here are three ways to keep readers from coming back for more.

Make It Awkward: A sure way to go from steamy to eeewww is to write about sex in a clinical manner. Drain the scene of all sexiness by using anatomically correct ...

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I Hate Your Book Blurb | BookDaily #AuthorTips

Since I have been scanning through a lot of blurbs while reworking mine more times than I can count, I thought I would talk about a few things I have concluded:

1. Don’t waste that first sentence with a description like, “a gripping story…” My thoughts: I’ll be the judge of that. Of course the author or publisher thinks it’s gripping or endearing or wonderful. Otherwise, they probably wouldn’t have published it. This is implied.

2. Don’t waste...

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