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How to Promote Your Book Using Free Samples

At the heart of BookDaily, we are a book sampling site for readers. But readers can't sample your book without an excerpt. Here are a few helpful hints to assist you in sharing your book excerpt with readers:

CHARACTER LIMIT- Remember most readers are just skimming waiting for your sample to pique their interest. Here at BookDaily, we like to keep excerpts at 30,000 characters or less. That's about 10 pages.

SPELL CHECK- Be sure to check your words for...

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7 More Tips to Increase Followers on Twitter + Sell Books | BookDaily #AuthorTips

In my previous blog, 7 Ways to Build Your Twitter Platform and Sell More Books, I discussed the various ways that one can effectively use Twitter to build their Twitter account to attract new readers. However, after it was posted, I realized that I do another 7 things to gain readership and interact with my audience. I wanted to share those with you as well. So here we go again. Let’s examine ...

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8 Reasons Why You Should Promote Your Kindle Book with BookDaily

Here at BookDaily, we want to make getting your book in front of readers as streamlined and effective as possible. After all--- we know that you have more writing to do! Here are eight reasons to kick your book marketing into high gear with BookDaily:

1. Actual Results. The BookDaily Free Ebook promotion allows you to feature your book on BookDaily’s homepage and via email but only pay when readers click to your Amazon download page.

2. Risk Free. The ...

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3 Ways to Help Your Editor Help You | BookDaily #AuthorTips

Editors strengthen books in a number of ways, from correcting grammar to developing characters and plot. Although editors do look for typos, if your manuscript is riddled with errors, your editor will need to spend more time fixing your book on that level and may not have as much time before deadline to delve into deeper issues that could benefit your writing. As an editor, it can be frustrating to fix simple errors an author could easily correct. As an author, not fixing those errors ...

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Which BookDaily Promotion Is Right For You?

Currently, BookDaily offers two book promotion campaigns. Both campaigns will get your book seen on BookDaily's home page and into the inboxes of BookDaily's readers. Here's a breakdown of the two campaigns:

The BookDaily Free Ebook Download program allows FREE ebooks from BookDaily authors to be featured to over 75,000 readers daily. Authors who enlist in this program can promote their FREE ebook in our newsletters and only pay for the readers who click to their Amazon download...

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