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Rob Caluori

Rob Caluori

Sal Ardisi started his acting career in 2011 and has appeared in numerous large-budget films. He uses his experience as a detective to channel his emotions and provides a level of expertise that is unfounded. In 2016, Sal started his own dramatic web series, Alliance. The show highlights the struggle a soon-to-retire detective has while navigating between a crooked cousin and even more devious coworker. After completing 13 episodes of the renowned crime drama, Sal turned his attention to creating a comedic web series, Matchless, whose tagline is "Life is a Five-Minute Comedy". The series capitalizes on romance follies while incorporating modern-day social issues. Sal has also appeared in Madame Secretary and The Real Stories with Maria Elina Salinas on Discovery ID. Sal has done consulting work on new Law Enforcement shows in development for Jupiter Productions out of NYC.

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