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Linda L Rutherford

Linda L Rutherford

My name is Jason JD Rutherford. I started writing almost 29 years ago with a poem I titled; "This pain I feel." From there, I dabbled in writing rap lyrics but never really got off the ground. I feel that writing is in my blood: a calling I was meant to answer. My words come directly from my soul with passion. There is a drive deep within that pushes out each sentence. I feel that I am a Co-creator within the Universe of the Creating. There is a story to tell in everything around me, and there is a story that lives in my words whether poetic, creative, or Biographical. I live to write, and writing lives for me. My Mother, Linda L. Rutherford started writing when she was very small. During Vietnam, She wrote several poems detailing her feelings towards the war and the world. Later in life, she wrote for several poetry blogs, and wrote the last letter of this book, 3 weeks before she died.

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