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M. Rasheed

M. Rasheed

M. Rasheed (1975 - present) was born on the Caribbean island of Trinidad and Tobago. At the age of 17, he migrated to Toronto Canada. His love for reading inspired him to start writing. His first shot at writing was a manuscript titled The Forsaken which was later shelved. Still determined to follow his love for writing, he wrote Into the Soul of Darkness - The Plague of Adonis under the pen name R.J. Hammond. Wanting to make a change he decided to rename the novel and change his pen name, so he decided to just go with The Plague of Adonis and to make it into a two part series of books. Book 1 is currently an E-book on Amazon Kindle. Book 2 is complete and waiting to be published. He's currently working on The Demise of Men, a follow-up to The Plague of Adonis. He's married with two kids and still resides in Toronto.

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