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Jim Jarrell

Jim Jarrell

Jim Jarrell is the last of four children and was raised in Charleston WV. Jim married Carol, his high school sweetheart after receiving his undergraduate degree and before attending law school. After law school and the birth of two sons, Jim went to work for a natural gas pipeline company where he spent the next 23 years. At age 31 shortly after Jim began his legal career, Carol was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer. With a "best case" prognosis of six months, Jim and Carol developed a number of strategies for battling Carol's horrible disease while raising their two young sons. Although Carol eventually lost that battle, Jim credits these strategies for giving him and Carol the best three years they spent together. After Carol's death, Jim raised his sons (ages 9 and 5 when Carol passed) as a single parent, again using strategies developed more or less on the fly. Jim's sons are now grown, each with families of their own.

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