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Carole Love Forbes

Carole Love Forbes

I was born in San Francisco and spent my childhood traveling from school to school with my wanderlust father and mother. From he 2nd grade on I was entertaining, dancing and singing. I got into my fine art when I went into the Air Force at 18. I took up my art by doing portraits of my friends and still in love with painting in oils, pastels, and China paints. But, for some reason many people, like Pearl Bailey told me I should be writing. So, I went to New York and trained as a singe and actress and did lots of summer stock with great parts.From there I auditioned for and was cast in 'Funny Girl' for the first national tour. A few years later I was again cast in "Cabaret'. I did take a couple semesters of writing courses and finally felt the bite of writing. When I took a course on Women in American History, I decided that I wanted to write a novel about the lives and challenger of real women in history. What has emerged after 20 years is a four book novel which covers my two heroins from the Pilgrims to the revolution.My heart and soul is in these books and I hope you will read and enjoy them as much as I did in bringing these women to life.

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