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Timothy M Powers

Timothy M Powers

I am an average American, Freedom loving citizen from upstate New York. I am a truck driver by trade and a free lance writer, Patriot, husband, father of two, and grand father of six. I have searched tirelessly over the past few years for outlets that could allow me to present facts and opinions regarding the turmoil that our great Republic of America is faced with today, from the perspective of an average American who is on the receiving end of government policies. My main hobby other than writing is the restoration of antique European motorcycles. It is my goal, through writing, to wake up the American people to the atrocities that have been foisted on us by our elected leaders, and to convince everyone to look at the big picture. In this book, I present common sense facts and opinions that very few will DARE to put forth in this politically correct society. If you are tired of all of the fluff and the lies from the main stream media, this is the book for you!

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