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Yolanda Jenkins

Yolanda Jenkins

A motivator, a hard worker, a mentor to all young adults looking to rise above negativity, and circumstance. Yolanda Jenkins born and raised in Detroit MI. Raised in poverty with no guidance Yolanda established a life outside of her harsh realities and became a success story. Through her journey to success she had to learn about the real world by trial and error, learning about careers, college, relationships, credit history, etc. These life lesson lead Yolanda to write a book to help all young adults transition from high school into the real world, “Big Sister Secrets, if someone would have told me”. Yolanda writes from personal experience from her many careers and life challenges. Yolanda has served in the military, has a Bachelor’s Degree, manages a group of Podiatrist and owns 2 LLC. engaged with three children. Yolanda has the keys to unlock the secrets to work life balance she is humble with many talents. Yolanda is keyed on family and supporting one another, she also loves to inspire and teach individuals how to become successful no matter if you come from a privilege or a poverty-stricken family. Yolanda can be contacted by email or phone listed below:

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