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Thomas Zman

Thomas Zman

I have authored several short stories and currently, have both my novels, From Whence They Came and Beyond Imagination available in both e-book and print. My interests include UFO's, Ancient Civilizations, space travel, and philosophizing (which I have learned to moderate in my latest writings). I have also just recently compiled a short novel that pieces together four of my short stories into a flowing work I call The man who carried Guilt. This particular piece of fiction has no alien or scientific premise, however it is the starting point for two of my characters who show up in both my books. My second book, a novella, is currently being showcased on this site and Goodreads. Notably, some of my works stem from observations/experiences of my own life; infused with imaginings inspired by the greats: H G Wells and Jules Verne. I plan to continue my path of fiction and create stories of interest that others will hopefully

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