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Terrica Joseph

Terrica Joseph

Terrica Joseph began writing poems and short stories as a young child. As an adult she began writing children’s book to help teach her sons concepts that were difficult to explain. She believed that they would understand the lessons through listening, personalizing and realistic tales. Her first book was a success with her children and many others which lead her to continue her efforts to teach through her creative stories. She has an educational background in Community Counseling and her experience working with adolescents has given her a greater understanding of young children and teens and their perception. She is an advocate for at-risk youth and strives to promote strength and nurture their dreams. She especially enjoys doing vocational counseling, which helps individuals identify their interest and potential. Terrica Joseph provides counseling to youth and families and has worked within various communities and diverse populations. She has lived and traveled throughout the world and enjoys learning about different cultures and places. Terrica’s knowledge of diverse relations and adolescent behavior has enabled her to reach many with her books because they are tailored toward diverse youth and tell tales that relatable to various cultures. Her published works are available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and many other locations.

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