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Michael Lacey

Michael Lacey

Michael Lacey has never really fit in anywhere. His unique perspectives separate him from most groups of people, but he works to maintain healthy relationships regardless. His childhood was nearly perfect up until age 11 when he lost his left eye to a lawn dart incident. Now a statistic, he strives to make his story useful, to have the singular focus of sharing hope and encouragement to those who feel disqualified, outcast, or damaged. His mother is fighting for her life after battling stage IV brain cancer for nearly two years. Despite such various obstacles, Michael chooses to press on, continuing to fight for closeness to God, wisdom in purpose, and ways to ensure that his family legacy goes beyond all of their lives. Passionate about leading people to a deeper connection with God through knowledge and experiences in worship, Michael strives to inspire and build up team members who want to seek the face of God in worship both privately and in corporate settings. Currently, Michael serves as an assistant worship leader at Life Fellowship Church in North Mississippi as well as a teacher of Business Math at Northwest MS Community College. He and his wife are persevering through the first year of their first son’s life, but that doesn’t slow him down from pursuing the passions God has placed in his heart including writing, songwriting, auto/motorcycle customization with his brothers at Lacey Brother’s Customs, amateur wood-working, teaching, and more. If you are interested in find out more about Michael Lacey, go to to explore all of his endeavors.

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