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Anita Dixon Thomas

Anita Dixon Thomas

The author Anita Dixon Thomas is a licensed clinical social worker, a native of Steilacoom, Washington with a passion for telling stories. She is a honor graduate from the University of Washington where she received her bachelor of science in general studies and her masters in social work. . Earlier in her career, she wrote articles for the Seattle Medium Newspaper, addressing issues ranging from foster care to hair care. Ms. Dixon Thomas specializes in mental health and she has worked in the profession for the past 32 years. She is a first time author in fictional story telling, drawing from years of work experiences in the field. Her novel, “The Cat on Salter’s Point” promises plenty of edge-of –the seat action. It’s a dark comedy with many twists. Ms. Dixon Thomas completed her second novel, called “Three Sheets in the Wind” a sequel to her first effort. The novel is available on

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