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Paul Henry Wand, M.D.

Paul Henry Wand, M.D.

Paul Henry Wand, MD, clinical neurologist and researcher, has been an avid science fiction fan since Star Trek the original series came out in the latter 1966. He has been in private practice since 1982 in South Florida. One night while watching an episode of the Flash, he reflected about one episode,and developed the idea of writing his first book about science fiction. Once it started, the rest of the content just poured out until it reached a cliffhanging conclusion. At first it was fun to write and create new material and chapters, but then he realized that it should be published. The book is unique since it is based upon real science, contains real medical facts and science, as well as fictional characters, devices, and concepts. One editor who reviewed the book described it as a "Factual Science Fiction", in a niche of it's own. A sequel is planned and started, as a natural sequential follow up to the first volume.

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