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Song: “Rebirthing” -Skillet The Recipe: Failure, Adversity, Family, No Quit I reveal to you what I have gone through in my personal experiences (in the full "About The Author" section of iSin) to show you logically why I have attained the information of this read. I am not perfect. Any individual who invests as much time and energy as I have researching these topics will become an expert in their own right. I have so much good information to share because of the emotional learning experiences I have endured from the emotional adversity from my past “failures.” When you endure failure and don’t give up, you begin to learn very thoroughly and quickly. Failure also brings adversity and I have learned that adversity is a key component to making a person think differently. Put all of the “failure,” the tremendous amount of emotional adversity I have experienced from my “failures,” mix in a strong family who has believed in me both personally and financially; throw in the fact that both my parents where hard on me which instilled a relentless work ethic within me at a young age; sprinkle in the fact that I truly want to become “the best possible version of myself;” then, top all that off with the UNWAVERING FACT that when I actively LIVE the topics discussed in this read I am at my best, and you arrive with this book, iSin: Have Your Cake and Eat It 2.0.

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