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Robert Clemons

Robert Clemons was educated at George Mason University (BA) and Marquette University (MA). He served 27 years in the military, retiring as Lt Col in 2009. He has written professionally throughout his career. The Hiroshima Agenda, published in 2015, is his first published novel. Great Reviews: For instance, from Jack H. - I've seen quite a few episodes in some of my favorite TV series (Star Trek TOS / VGR / DS9 / TNG; Stargate SG-1 / Atlantis / Universe) to recognize and understand what author Robert Clemons is talking about in his excellent book, "The Hiroshima Agenda". Time travel and the multiverse, free-will and predestination - interesting, somewhat familiar, and thought-provoking. It's a book I could hardly put down and read it easily in just this last week. And having been a United Methodist pastor for 9 years, the theological turns the book took were unexpected in a sci-fi novel but very relatable, very enjoyable and, again, thought-provoking. "Does the NSA have a working time machine?" I'd never before considered the possibility. But the way Mr. Clemons describes it and writes about it in "The Hiroshima Agenda"? Why not? :-)

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