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Michael Stone

Michael Stone

"STRONGER TOGETHER" is his second entry in the ALLOUETTE series about two strong independent sisters who are searching for lasting love amidst missions of death and intrigue.

Nicci Bleu goes on vacation to Tahiti to explore her southern hemisphere. LIfe is after all, what you don't come dressed for.

Jordin La Toi considers employment as a government hacker while preparing to journey to Paris to attend the reading of her father's second will worth $149 million!

For Nicci and Jordin, who remains and whose remains are questions that cannot be answered with just one more mocha.

Michael lives with his wife outside of Chicago in Naperville. He has two cats he rescued but they both remind him it is the other way around.

Write him in his loft at He would love to hear where you would like Nicci Bleu and Jordin La Toi to travel next.

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