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Peter Bellone

'I am nobody special!' While I have a Masters of Management degree I am not a Doctor of Divinity nor can I be numbered among the Catholic or Protestant scholars that abound within these two Christian sects. I am an active member of the Church of God, And again, I am not a Deacon, Pastor, or Elder, but like the disciples of old, I am just an ordinary man to whom God has imparted some of His wisdom too. Therefore, I believe that my understanding of what I wrote in this book had come directly from God. When I began this work, I prayed and asked God to assist me with writing this book or turn me away from it and what I received was to continue writing. Also, before publishing this revision, I had been challenged by my wife, Barbara, in that she would asked me, “What if you’re wrong?” And daily, I asked God that same question. What if I am wrong? The answer that I again received was to continue writing, with the intent to make this work more truthful than anything published by Sunday keeping Christian ministries in regard to keeping the Sabbath, as well as to make it a better read for you! I hope that I have accomplished that goal while also giving you something to think about.

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