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Andrew Downing

Andrew Downing

Andrew and Stephanie are a husband and wife author team. Their book , Marriage and Schizophrenia : Eyes on the Prize, chronicles their fourteen year partnership. Andrew was diagnosed with schizophrenia at the age of eighteen only two years after being rated number one in his age group in North America by the NHL central scouting agency. Andrew was projected to be a professional hockey player by the time he was fourteen. At age eighteen he was no longer fit to live in society on his own. Stephanie and Andrew came together shortly after Andrew was diagnosed. Their book is a heart breaking but hopeful story of their battle with severe mental illness. Doctors told Andrew that he should not have a family of his own. Andrew and Stephanie are now happily married with two children. Their book chronicles their journey in depth. This book is more than a story of mental illness with insights for every reader to enjoy.

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