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Christy Jordan Wrenn

Christy Jordan Wrenn

Christy J. Wrenn Academic Librarian and Children's Picture Book Author & Illustrator Bossier City, LA USA I have been married to the same radio announcer for 44 years and have 2 children (34, 27) and 3 grandchildren. I have been a librarian for 40+ years. I love reading, books, and education. Contrary to popular comments--books will never disappear, as some think in this Digital Age World. I have worked in an academic library setting for the past 32 years and love higher education. I believe that it is so exciting to help organize an educational institution that helps guarantee the education of our future. I began running in 1976 when it was in fashion to run and have been running on and off since then. I love my 3rd Mustang car (2003) and other muscle vehicles. I am Southern born and raised. I also love Jesus Christ, the Son of God, because he died for you and me. Ask me to tell you my personal miracle stories sometime. I have a LOT of them. PRAISE YOU LORD!!!

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