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James Carrol

James Carrol

"Whose who dream by day are cognizant of many things which escape those who dream by night. In their gray visions they abtain glimpes of eternity, and thrilled in waking, they have been on the verge of a great secret" Edgar Allan Poe

A researcher for civil and structural engineers, his early religious life provided a foundation of knowledge about ancient Greek and Roman civilizations from the Archaic period to the end of antiquity. Biblical studies centered on languages of ancient texts and translations. Returning to university life, the author returned to studies of Mesopotamian Man, European, Russian 19th and 20th century histories, In the West, he traveled to the places in Mesa-Americana, including Azteca and Mayan, pre and post Columbian civilizations, and the Mexican Revolution. He also enjoys studies of American colonial life and this author has a life-long appreciation for American and English literature. As an iconoclastic follower of the teaching of Christ, and Biblical historiography, the author excludes himself not, from the orthodox practises of such beliefs into the free expression and worldview of love and compassion for all of humanity.

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