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David Price

David Price

I’ve spent all of my years traveling and as a result I’ve lived all across the country and a couple places outside the United States. Everywhere I’ve been I’ve met a diverse cast of people and discovered new ways to look at life. These experiences have provided a treasure of things to write about. Divorce affected my life at the early age. I was born in Arkansas but when my parents split I moved with my mother and my brother to Canada to live with an uncle. Talk about diverse life experiences, try changing schools half way through the year in a move from Arkansas to Canada. I don’t know who was more confused, me or the Canadians. Right now I live in Tennessee where it looks like I'll stay until I retire and then I'm going to Florida. I got into writing in 2005. For me it was a creative outlet. I like to compare telling a story to painting a picture with words. Some of my favorite authors are Stephen King for the way he fleshes out his characters, and Anne Rice for her ability to write a scene like it’s a part of history.

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