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Helen Kamenos

Helen Kamenos

Helen Kamenos has been an educator for over 26 years. She graduated from California State University, Northridge with a Bachelor of Arts in English. Subsequently, she earned her Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership. She served as a middle school teacher, high school counselor, and principal of a private school. She dreamed of writing a book one day, but never imagined she would write a book about God.

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A Story of Love

-mce-mark="1">Marriage begins with great love, joy and happiness. It begins with a vow of faithfulness, a promise to love our spouse until we die. With all hopefulness, couples begin their new lives together, expecting to love one another through all the challenges that life may bring. Unfortunately, about half of marriages eventually end in divorce, a devastating experience for both spouses and their children. The loss of love affects us deeply. Many members of a family, who ...


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A Journey Toward Perfection by Helen Kamenos Book Trailer

A Journey Toward Perfection by Helen Kamenos ...


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