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Ruth White

Ruth White

Best known for her award-winning children's books, Ruth White grew up in the mountains of Southwest Virginia. Many of her books are set in that part of the world during the 1950's when she was a child. After finishing high school in Grundy, VA, Ruth attended college at Montreat and Pfeiffer, both in North Carolina, and worked as a teacher and school librarian in four Southern states. She has to date published fifteen novels for young people. Her young adult novel, Belle Prater's Boy, won a Newbery honor. Ruth has also written two novels for adults. Diary of a Wildflower is a fictionalized account of her mother's growing-up years on a mountaintop. Lily of the Valley (Mansions of Karma, book 1) a mystical soft sci-fi, involves children growing up alone on another planet. It is different from all her other novels, as it embodies Ruth's spiritual philosophy, gleaned through years of reading, writing, working and living. Today, after living in the South for most of her life, she resides in Hershey, PA, so close to the factories, she can smell the chocolate when the wind is right. She moved here to be near her daughter, Dee Olivia, son-in-law, William, and grandson Pate. She enjoys her roles as full time writer and grandmother.

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