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Anne Biggs

Anne Biggs

I was born in Castlepollard, a mother-baby home in Ireland, lived in an Irish orphanage in Dublin through her fourth birthday. Though in poor health I was brought to America to live with my new adoptive family. I overcame health issues, and graduated from California State University of Fresno with a degree in English Literature, and later a Special Education Credential from Fresno Pacific University.

I spent over 25 years in the classroom. The first 10 years, teaching high school Honors English, and the last 15 years in Special Education. In 2008, I located my birth mother and traveled to Ireland and with my daughter and spent quality time with her during my stay. After learning about my mother’s treatment from the institutions run by the Catholic Church in Ireland, I was inspired to create the characters in my first novel, The Swan Garden, published by HBE Publishing. I continue to live and write in Clovis, California where my family still resides. I had the opportunity to return to Ireland in June 2016 to speak at the Sean Ross Abbey Remembrance Conference and present a copy of my novel to PHilomena Lee. I am currently in the editing stages of my second novel, coming out later this year, and my memoir expected out in 2018.

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