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Detra Enman

And there she was—eighteen, all grown up and with no place to go! Never realized that her life would lead her to go to many places, experience souls with many faces and races, wearing combat boots with panties of laces, operating bulldozers to riding in limos with flower vases, skinny-dipping in the Persian Gulf to wishing 1920s swimwear was back in the department store cases, going to survival school learning how to be a Prisoner of War—to flying a famous POW to Vietnam/Hannoh Hilton. She had access, from serving our country to serving the wellto-do graces, from being a child with messy britches to hoping they come up with designer depends for her future messes. 55 Years on Campus is a career memoir of a poor, skinny, bucktoothed, shy, loner, C-student and underprivileged white girl, who shares her nonpolitically correct journey and evolved into an outgoing six-figured career woman. Based on a true story of her many careers on the campus she calls life! From servicing in the Air Force—experiencing the world, having diverse jobs—to serving on private jets as a flight attendant and lessons she learned along the way. This journey will inspire, educate, and entertain you. She has come to believe that there isn’t anything you can’t do. You are the only thing in your way!

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