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L Sheldon Oldford

L Sheldon Oldford

L. Sheldon Oldford was born and raised in the Pentecostal faith. He began a career in christian ministry by attending bible college and then working with various churches as an evangelical preacher. He has preached to thousands and headed several ministries and has approximately twenty-one years in Christian ministry. After observing many questionable issues with church leaders, he left church ministry and fulfilled his true desire as a Police Officer. It was during his time as a Detective, when critiquing police reports for trials where he applied the same process to the Bible and realized that the Bible actually describes the biblical god as an ancient astronaut. He puts his experience as a former preacher and training as a Police Officer and Detective to work and wrote his first very controversial book called Let Us Descend: The Biblical First Contact. After reading Let Us Descend, the reader just may come to the conclusion that more likely than not, the God of the Bible is in fact an extraterrestrial.

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