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Brice Bogle

Brice Bogle

Brice Bogle was born in Wimpole Park, Cambridgeshire, England. An Air Force brat, he went to nine schools in seven states before graduating high school. He originally majored in English, wanting to write and teach, but, life didn't have that in store for him. After a three year hiatus from college, when he worked in a record store in Fort Smith, he attended the University of Arkansas and is now a Certified Public Accountant living in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. Brice is a natural story teller. He would make up stories for his kids when they were little, and has never been able to stay away from writing for very long, no matter how crazy life would get. Losing Deseret was inspired by a real-life event from more than forty years ago—a story he has tried to tell many times. And, in the telling of the story of Chris and Jesse, Karen and Svetlana in Losing Deseret, the true event didn't make the cut. A version of it is in the second book with the same characters currently in the process of being written, with the working title, The Danite's Daughter. Brice can be reached at

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