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Viv Drewa

The Arts are very strong on both sides of my family. My father’s side were the singers. All have such beautiful voices and from what I’ve been told has been strong all the up the family tree. Dad wanted to be an opera singer but after getting married, drafted to the Army during the Korean Conflict, coming home and become a father to my late brother and me dashed his hopes. He did have the most beautiful baritone I ever heard. I can sing but I’m a tenor and always felt awkward that I had to stand with the men in the church choir. My daughter, Sofia, has a beautiful soprano voice. Mom’s side were all storytellers. My first inkling was my grandmother who would make up stories to tell us when were little. She didn’t like the stories in the books, so she told her own. My mom was also an excellent storyteller and poet. She won several contests for her poetry. I tried poetry but found I preferred writing stories. My daughter is also excellent at this but she doesn’t want to write. She’d make a fantastic horror author, too! Maybe one day????

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