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Alyssa Bailey

Alyssa Bailey

International Best Seller of Historical Romance, Alyssa Bailey is a dyed in the wool Texan living in the beauty of Southeast Alaska with her husband, her youngest three (of eleven) children, two dogs and a cat. She lives where the sky meets the mountains, the mountains meet the ocean, and the wildlife frolic on land, sea, and air. People, the ultimate interlopers, are wedged in where allowed and are properly thankful for the privilege. Her first memory of books was when her mother read to her as a small child. She began writing as soon as she could put letters together to form words. As she got older and read more of a variety of books, she would say, “I can do better than that” and then rewrite them in her head. She was writing fanfiction before fanfiction was a ‘thing.' Alyssa is a firm believer in all things spanking in the adult world of fun, and fantasy. She loves writing about domestic discipline and power exchanges between strong, intelligent women who are not afraid to make a stand and men confident enough to give them their space but Alpha enough to keep his woman safe, in spite of herself. She writes historical as well as contemporary books based on both sides of the pond and loves all things, Cowboy. Contact her, she loves to chat, and as always, have a Spankolicious day!

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