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Phebe Shumate-Yawson

Phebe Shumate-Yawson

My name is Phebe Shumate-Yawson, and I’ve always had a love for writing. I love the written word and the power it has over us all. As we read each word, we’re pulled deeper and deeper into the world, mind, and heart of the author. I am hoping that my words can do the same for you, and also change the bad to good in the minds of our youth. I look to give another perspective. I think of it as bringing wholesomeness back. If showing care or respect is ‘corny,’ then I say - let’s all be corny until corny is cool. We write the narrative. We hold in our grasp the power to change the world. All in all, my strongest desire is to inspire others as I was inspired myself. I am still inspired to this day - to live freely, love wholly, be happy, and make and laugh every day.

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