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Dick Pirozzolo and Michael Morris

Dick Pirozzolo and Michael Morris

During Vietnam War, Dick Pirozzolo was awarded the Bronze Star for his service as a US Air Force information officer in Saigon, where he was a media spokesperson and often participated at daily press briefings nicknamed “The Five O’clock Follies.”

He developed a lasting affection for Vietnam and its people. He returned during the 1990s when he played a prominent role in fostering US-Vietnam post war reconciliation and trade between the two former enemy nations.

His many articles on Vietnam have appeared in "The Boston Herald," "Transpacific," "The Washington Times", and "Destination Vietnam" to name a few.

He is a member of the Society of Professional Journalists, Foreign Press Association and serves on the editorial board of Boston Global Forum, a think tank that advances peaceful solutions to world tensions and foreign policy initiatives including cultural, commercial, and political ties with Vietnam.

Dick is managing director of Pirozzolo Company Public Relations, an international communication consulting firm in Boston.

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