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Patty Dickson Pieczka

Patty Dickson Pieczka

My main focus of writing has been poetry, but with Finding the Raven, I've branched out into fiction using the skills I've learned studying poetic imagery. I was inspired by my grandparents' era, and most particularly by my great uncle, who was a hobo and wrote of his travels to the St. Louis World's Fair and across the country to live with Native Americans. I imagined who he might've seen in St. Louis and what he might have done, though he didn't appear as a main character in the book. I enjoyed researching the times, and at the SIU Library I found newspapers from April 1904. I wondered what it would be like to have answered ads from the classifieds at that time. So in my story, I used actual excerpts from the old newspapers and went in search of "what if."

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