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C. W. Henney

C. W. Henney

Carolee Wells Henney, with her sweet, old, cat between her keyboard and her computer monitor, writes stories about animals for children. And, she has conducted writing seminars for children, talked to children at Elementary Schools, to high school creative writing classes, and to college Children’s Literature classes. She has done book signings, has appeared on local television in Hampton, Virginia, and Bowie, Maryland, and has written award-winning poetry. In addition to four children’s stories published in the last few years, two books, Calbert and His Adventures, and Tac and Tuk, published in the 1990s by what was then Aton Press, in both paperback and hardcover, are still available online from independent booksellers. In the coming months, she plans to publish several more children’s stories, a young adult story, a third novel, short stories, and poetry.. Google and Bing have more information about Carolee Wells Henney.

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