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William Schulman

William Schulman

Willie Schulman was born in Winnipeg, Canada in August 1929. He migrated to Milwaukee in 1950, just after a major Red River flood. His first American stop was a day long visit to the Art Institute of Chicago and to the School of the Art Institute because of his interest in Art. He was amazed at the Institute's collections and became dejected by the power of their great paintings, especially their French modernists. His visit to the school reinforced the reality that he couldn't afford it. With eight dollars in his pocket he bought a ticket on the North Shore Line to Milwaukee where he was afforded lodging by his aunt.It took six decades later to realize that the accumulation of Willie's life history is but a chirascuro evaluation in pulses of light and dark of a billion paintings, a zillion drawings and a scattering of wordlets that filtered through my brain while alternating between Artist and Poet mode.

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