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John Fahey

John Fahey

I was born in England in 1944, lived in Roscommon in Ireland between the age of five and nine, lived very difficult teenage years (written about in my memoir), gained entrance to St. Andrews University in Scotland where I graduated with an Honours degree in Chemistry when I was 23. I then migrated to America where I gained a doctorate in Chemistry. I had a career as a synthetic organic research chemist, later as a professor of chemistry at Fairleigh Dickinson University in New Jersey, then later still as a director of Phase II and Phase III clinical research trials, retired into final career years as a consultant. I learned webmaster skills and have a domain Erinpharm which promotes information about aiming at a healthy longevity. A fuller review of my career can be found at my Erinpharm web site in the CV and about_me. pages. I am an optimistic person and enjoy life. In my retirement to the Blue Ridge mountains of east Tennessee I continued a lifelong love of gardening and writing. I look forward to the future with a sense of awe and hope for advances on the frontiers of science and medicine.

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