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Ezekiel Nieto Benzion

Ezekiel Nieto Benzion

Ezekiel Nieto Benzion's life took a dramatic turn when his grandfather gave him as his inheritance the journals of his forebear, Judah Halevi, written in Hebrew and hidden by the Benzion family in Bohemia for 200 years. Since then, he has worked on bringing the tales from the journals to life and inspiring others to discover and tell the stories of heroes in their families. He spends time each year traveling to the sites mentioned in the journals and poring through dusty archives to find the truth behind some of the clues left by Judah Halevi. The rest of the time, he lives contentedly in New York City with his very patient wife, his very talented and wonderful children and a very neurotic cat. And somewhere along the way, he actually acquired a taste for slivovitz--which would have made his Zayde proud!

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May Your Name Be a Blessing

When I began telling my family's stories and helping others preserve their own family's tales, my children asked me to not tell theirs. Not that they were ashamed or shy.  I "schlep nachas" from all the good they do. They just want to keep their lives and the lives of their young families private for now. And after the election of 2016, I empathize with their concerns in a world dominated by social media, hatred espoused as political opinion and the erosion of boundaries of privacy....


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