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Gordana Bibich

Gordana Bibich

I was born in former Yugoslavia and left to America after University graduation, year prior to brake up of brutal civil war, based on childhood visions that war was coming. I grow up in the village by Mediterranean mountain Promina. I was imaginative child, with strong sense of extra sensory perception, and insights to world of spirit. I formed spiritual relationship with "Invisible Beings" and had many dreams with an old man in white who "took me flying", in which i have seen also future of my own country, and many years later I met in United States, "old man in white", a Himalayan Master, who initiated me into "Meditation of Inner Light and Sound". I immediately recognized him. He was "Invisible Being" from childhood dreams and vision, and from that moment on I set a foot on a Spiritual Journey of Inner Enlightenment, that inspired me, made me heal trauma of war, and made me realize meaning of everything that transpired in my life. Life took fresh new start with sense of hope, courage, and compassionate point of view on life. I realized how life had deeper, more mystical perspective and I have realized many layers to life.

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