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Aisa Softic

My parents named me Aisa (Aisha) – meaning a long comfortable life. The war in my country pushed me from my homeland. On September 29th, 1995, with my teenage son I met my daughter and husband in the airport in Dayton, Ohio after three years of separation. The new beginning, at the age of 45 and with no English, was difficult. I had taught my students back in Bosnia that knowledge is permanent wealth. Refugees lose even their knowledge. My true passion is teaching and I became special education teacher 2001. My Bosnian’s fellows invited me to St. Louis and on September 1st, 2007 to give a speech for the Bosnian president, Mr. Komsic and his delegation. I started my speech, “The world has big and rich countries, but in our hearts our Bosnia is the biggest and richest among them.” Many Bosnians cried. I am chairperson in Bosnian Community in Cincinnati. I am an American citizen now, and proud to be a part of this country that has opened the gate of opportunity to my family. But a part of my heart will always be in Bosnia. My memoir Nan’s Shoes is published on Amazon this spring. The book has 61 very good reviews. I want that readews feel what can happen to a people, and so that, whatever their faith, they realize that a wise, just and merciful God is always with them

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