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Brother Calvin Allen

Brother Calvin Allen

In his book, new author Brother Calvin Allen discloses how God will save the "Outcasts" of our generation. He discloses how God brought him back from death on two occasions, and save him from many other tragedies. Utilizing Biblical Scriptures, his own testimonies, and the Bibliography of many others, Author Brother Calvin explains how God turned his life around after many years of suffering from addictions. Born and raised in Rural North Carolina in the early 60's he experienced hardship growing up on a farm, working for $5.00 a day, Brother Calvin and his family was sharecroppers who worked for a roof over their heads, and food for their table. Through it all, he experienced much self-inflicted pain from the use of drugs and alcohol, causing him to seek out people who he felt was below him. After two death, and God recovering him from death on two occasions, he expresses God's grace and mercy, which have brought him to the place he is today; A teacher of the word of God, a preacher, counselor, public speaker and a mentor for young kids. It is a must read true story of his life before, and where God has bought him to now.

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