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Frank Burton Jr.

Frank Burton Jr.

"FROM FBI AGENT TO AN APOSTLE" - Is the autobiography of Retired FBI Special Agent Frank Burton Jr. Burton is also an Apostle and the Pastor and founder of Perfect Will Ministries in New Castle, DE. He has been Pastor and Overseer of the Church for almost 12 years. This book, details Burton's life's experience and how one Apostolic encounter changed his entire life. The book is about Spiritual Warfare and how God used him to solve some of the biggest Cases in the FBI and powerfully minister to those in need, while on the job. Most of his successful cases literally had nothing to do with sophisticated FBI techniques. However, it was by the leading of the Holy Spirit he was able to become one of America's Finest in the FBI & labeled an "Expert," at the same time, be one of the greatest Servants in the Ministry. Apostle Burton is very accomplished and well-rounded in many aspects of life. He has served many of Today's ministry greats (as contained is this prolific autobiography) and ministered the Word of God in many parts of this Country. He was a Hostage Negotiator, Head Media Representative and National Recruiter for the FBI. Apostle Burton's mission is to encourage the Body of Christ and inform them that Spiritual Warfare is real, and yet an additional tool in our spiritual tool box. Journey with him, as you experience some of the FBI's featured cases, as well as, experiencing some of his most intense warfare experiences. In the end, what Apostle Burton wants all to understand... is that God WINS! Enjoy this Book and allow it to be a blessing to you!

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