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John Schwartz

John Schwartz

After an international career traveling worldwide, John Schwartz wrote a memoir coming--of –age story of John van Dorn, Some Women I Have Known, starting with Audrey Hepburn, and a novel Enchanting The Swan, a moving romantic story about the troubles of a musician/graduate student couple, both published in mid-2015. End 2017, John published Francine - Dazzling Daughter of the Mountain State, a corporate novel about a young bright West Virginian woman who beats the odds on the corporate ladder in an international mining conglomerate based in New York City. In between, John published two non-fiction books, summarizing the works of a famous great-uncle/author around the turn of the 19th and 20th century, Maarten Maartens Rediscovered. John resides as a writer in Virginia, blogs at his website, and has his author page on

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  When close friends pass away they take part of your soul with them. Last week two of them drifted away from this earth and were taken to their last resting place, Ruud Lubbers, Dutch prime minister for 13 years (an impressive political achievement), and Frans Swinkels of Bavaria Bier, a well-known Dutch brewery that proudly,..

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