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Lady Jane Davis

Lady Jane Davis

Following a tumultuous but short marriage, as a single mother, Ms. Davis worked her way through college in the restaurant trade. She then took a job as an electrical technician with the Boeing Company where she worked until retirement. While working she pursued many aspects of the do-it-yourself field to become proficient in household electrical, carpentry and plumbing work. She also learned house painting, interior decoration and design, landscaping and even cement work. Her hobbies include silk and dried floral arrangements, jewelry making, dressmaking and tailoring. This woman is a Jane of all trades and a master of most. Lady Jane feels that her writing has been a God-given gift since middle school. She has written many poems, sonnets, song lyrics, short stories and three other novels. Ms. Davis has dealt with life-long bipolar disorder, manic depression and epilepsy. To cope with these illnesses, she had self-medicated with alcohol and prescription drugs which led to an addiction, from which she has long recovered. Arthritis, osteoporosis and chronic lung disease have tried to slow her down as well. She is no stranger to the wheelchair either, having had major surgeries due to broken bones weakened by the osteoporosis. For having been a battered and abused child and wife, she counseled others having gone through this in their lives. As an evangelist, she worked in single adults’ ministry, suicide prevention and domestic violence. Through all these areas of life she has gained insight into the tragedies, traumas and difficulties of others. Lady Jane says, “Been there, done that. I understand how you feel and so does God. It was the Lord who got me through all of this and He will be there for you too if you let Him”. She’s able to write from her heart through all these experiences    

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