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Roger Corea

Roger Corea

Roger Corea is a gifted author who writes about things, people and places he is passionate about. His first novel, Scarback, tells the story of a critical time in the life of a mentally challenged man from the Italian neighborhood of Roger's youth. The story centers on a highly eventful Northern Pike fishing expedition to Canada, but, as Roger says, "it's not really about fishing." It is, however, full of humor and a cast of vivid, real characters who seem to leap to life from the pages. The Duesenberg Caper, Roger’s second novel is a gripping crime thriller about two upstate New York teachers who entangle themselves in a dangerous plot to locate King Victor Emmanuel’s long lost and priceless Duesenberg SJ. The story is full of non-stop action and high stakes intrigue with thirty-two of the most legendary classic cars in the world participating in the action. Writing is a natural outgrowth of Roger’s formal education. He earned a Bachelor’s degree in English from St. Bonaventure University and completed graduate work in English at the University of Rochester. Before entering the business world with a large financial services company, Roger taught English literature at Canandaigua Academy and Penfield High School -- where he also served as assistant football coach. Roger lives with his wife, Mary Ann, in Penfield, NY. They have three children and three grandchildren.

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