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This book is for everyone looking to know more about the Christian lifestyle. If you’re a new Christian just starting for the first time to serve God, a Christian for a while but are struggling with your beliefs? Or maybe who have heard of so many religions but don’t know the truth? What are the struggles that we as Christians many often times face? How can we live a life pleasing unto God in the mist of adversities? Now that I’ve given my life to Christ, what is expected of me? Is it really necessary for me to pray? Do Christians go through changes in life? Whose job is it to prepare the Christian for the coming of Christ? Why is it necessary for Christians to have the Fruit of the Spirit? If you’ve often asked yourself these questions, then I suggest you read this book for it addresses these issues and more. About the Author, Caridad Rivera When I first came to Christ there were so many things I couldn’t understand, I often found it hard to serve the Lord because I did not know what was expected of me and many often times I felt discouraged. As I began to hunger for the Lord, I was afraid to pick up any books that were confusing to me. I was looking for a book that would explain what it is to be a Christian in simple words, and as I began to grow in the Lord, start to think of all those people that like me might have struggled with the same issues. I often thought to myself one day I want to write about the life of a Christian with the hopes that it will serve to build strong solid foundations in new Christians and even those that have already been serving Christ for a while. Hoping this book helps many to grow strong in the Lord is my only reward. I’m currently a leader at my local church, John 3:16 Brooklyn, N.Y., in charge of bilingual services, my website: for all English/Spanish speaking people. Born and raised in New York, from Hispanic parents learned to speak both languages at an early age.

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Xulon Press book "THE LIFE OF A CHRISTIAN" | Caridad Rivera

Xulon Press book "THE LIFE OF A CHRISTIAN" | ...


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