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Dana Holyfield

Dana Holyfield

Dana Holyfield grew up in Southern Louisiana and has written and self-published several books that portray the unique Cajun culture that she was raised in. She has written fiction, cookbooks, screenplays, and documentary style books. Her cookbooks include; "Swamp Cooking with the River People" and "Cajun Sexy Cooking." She has also written books about the legendary Honey Island Swamp Monster and has made a documentary film. Holyfield has also written and produced a thriller motion picture called, "Infidelity" that was distributed on video by Showcase Entertainment. She has even written several children's books that can be found on Amazon. Hurricanes Are No Fun, and "The Very Hairy Not So Scary Honey Island Swamp Monster," to name a few. You can visit her website for more information She also has a facebook page for her books.

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