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John Paul Grauer

John Paul Grauer

When I am laid to rest in a field full of gray granite hedges, I will see society, self-reliant and with a sense of true freedom, equality, honor and pride built on strong moral values. John Paul Grauer was born and raised in the Midwest, to Christian parents. As a child, John Paul struggled through elementary and high school, only excelling in his own interests. He spent many evenings with his grandfather learning the political and business environments. John Paul attended Republican Precinct meetings, served as a page and gave testimonies and lectures on historic political events. When he was 16, he went to work for his family in the telephone business, working the line and repairing telephones for his family’s customers. After high school John Paul earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Human Resource Management and a Masters in Entertainment Business Management. As he progressed through the business, he began handling governmental issues both state and federal as well as the financial investments. Then in 2000 after selling his stock in the organization he moved on to the security industry, acquiring certification as a Certified Protection Specialist, as well as a firearms instructor. He has spent the last 14 years as a security contractor, organizational Chairman, President and Vice President and Trainer. Soul Success is a quest that John Paul began many years ago after many failed attempts to succeed using the numerous self-help programs out there. What has driven John Paul to achieve is his passion for helping others in their pursuit for success. John Paul starts his book at the root of failure and the many reasons why it occurs. He gives his reader methods to begin prepping for desire and goal development. John Paul also defines the differences between desires and goals, giving his readers a true understanding between the two and how to accomplish a rewarding future. John Paul is dedicated to creating a world that views independence and self-reliance as a privilege that must be protected and honored. All he asks is to open your mind and change in life not just in this moment.

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