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Way below are a few videos but Please understand, I am talking about a Book here and not anything about my actor qualities for good reason :). Just wanted to make it Real...

35 years + Experience = approximately 25 years with Significant Levels of A & D (4 times in those facilities and beyond), 10 years of a Recovery via Amazing/ Proven Tools came across, and Additional key elements provided due to what I Learned, Experienced, and what I Wrote about (through 59 years+ of Life). The Book makes it clear, Experience trumps education in understanding sufferers and what it really takes to truly help; "Professionals" likely will be misleading...

What I learned and wrote about Saved my Life... My Son would have been on a similar route as well unless I caught him after graduating College in 2012 which prompted me to start writing for him, not knowing I was going to keep on writing/editing/writing... over the next 4 years, 3 months to completion of this Book per the 3rd/Final Edition published 4/7/2016 . And, to see the initial Power of this True Self-Help Book (per the 2nd Edition of Book), in the hands of Two People in their 20s in my apartment complex (over the course of about 2 1/2 - 3 months, not knowing how quickly they began working it), and on a past co-worker from many years past, Validated Everything about it's Effectiveness and why I wrote it! One of those ladies, and the past co-worker provided their review on (which is included just below this author Profile section on this site) under the name "Sam", and “David S” respectively. As for "Sam" seeing her Improve and Beyond from having significant levels of Anxiety and Depression for very understandable reasons, to having all this Positivity, Confidence, and Assertive nature on people in her Life she had to finally be Assertive with rolling out of Her, Absolutely Blew Me Away +!! As for the other 20 something year old lady, there were similarities in Confidence and Positivity (besides how she was carrying herself) coming from her as well. And to see her in that state following that time period, after we had to call the paramedics on her due to an apparent suicide in works (her body temp was 93-94 deg F), likewise Blew Me Away... This is besides the Very Positive influence it has had on "Kimberly" as a Person and Mom that I have seen. Check it out and Yes, it is All Real, and I Am Humbled and Beyond! But, it is entirely up to the individual to put the work forth, doing the repetitive training, to reap the Benefits from this education which can be nothing short of Tremendous! I did run into the other 20 something year old lady. It has been 2 years since that incident. She is doing well, but not quite as well as she was doing before when I saw her following that incident ... unfortunately she fell off some sticking to what she learned or was learning in the Book, and a Key difference between her and "Sam" which seemed apparent, was some iffyness in allowing her Faith to Grow. I responded to her to Seriously stick to it because I Know Ultimately, this is the Answer...

This past 6/9/16, I saw/witnessed another Positive and Tremendous Impact regarding my Final Edition Book on a 17 - 18 year older, who obviously took the Book in "hook, line, and sinker" and really worked it from day one of getting it (obviously) ... :

A young 17 - 18 year old Teen/Boy on 5/2/16, walked up to me when I was in the Jacuzzi, and was indicating, something to the effect, "I am So Sorry to bother you and I feel so weird telling you this, but I am having all these weird feelings ...." Anyway he was going through a panic/anxiety phase, and I told him a few things about it and told him if he really feels like he is actually having real physical/biological issues going on, vs. those "unreal negatives thoughts" which it likely was, to go see a regular doctor to clear the air on the matter. I told him about the fact, the Book would be a Huge Education for him on what all that is about and How Best To find your way out of it, and subsequently it will allow you to Aspire in Life; but I Clearly told him, you Gots to Do it and Work it, because it is up to the Individual to Do It in order to Truly Reap it's Benefits... I also talked to him about the importance of section 4 then (Our Faith indicating allow that to grow with age...), and he was not sure of all that on that day... Nonetheless, I plumbed together a Final Edition Book for him from a 2nd edition Book with Inserts, and took a loss since he was very low in the money. Well, today, just about an hour ago (6/9/16), I ran into him in the computer room at my apartment complex. He said THANKS SO MUCH !, a couple times actually, and indicated how important it has been for him +... He seemed to be doing Sooo Very Good (!!!after such a short time period, 1 month, 7 days !!!) and I could kind of tell he may be likewise thinking more of and possibly locking into section 4 as well (Our Faith!)... Awesome!!! He said he does not possess his own computer nor has an Amazon account to do a review (yet). To let you know, that "how long it took time period", was about the same approximate time period of locking into that whole program I received in 2002 where I started witnessing/feeling Astonishing Results on myself ironically. And again, I funneled that whole program into this Book the Best way I Felt and Could, and included some Additional Key Positivity elements which can only Help, along with the All Important section 4 content (22 pages) as well and then Appropriately tying it All together.

And I just left my apartment complex to live somewhere else close on by, and I saw One More Beautiful example involving the influence of my Book I sold to a Beautiful Lady (married to a Great Husband and Their Child). She was suffering quite a bit when she bought the Book 6/22/16. Shortly before 10/17 when I left the complex for the last time, I ran into this Lady and her Husband, and she was Aglow for the reasons that I could tell including the Positive influence of the Book on Her and she indicated she was expecting another Child :) -- another Awesome moment :)...

So for the few Books that I have personally sold locally and the Positive ++ results I have seen, Validates How Special and Powerful of a True Self-Help Book this is !!! Yep, I Do Know this Book includes the Answer/Solution on How Best To take care of Ourselves... As I say in the introduction of the Book (that paragraph not shown here on this site), if I had Pixie dust of some kind that I could deliver with the Book's introduction, providing people the true sense of how I felt during the 25+ years suffering with Extreme levels of Anxiety and Depression, feeling like you are in an endless tunnel, never really seeing any light at the end of the tunnel, while scraping rock bottom, and then giving them a lengthier dose of how well I truly feel now, and how Good it can get for them, the results would be Huge, getting this Book in the hands of People to Help Them #1! ! And I do say to People, and I Certainly Mean it, that "this Likely could be one of the Most Important Reads of a Lifetime"; and actually I mean in the top (2) although, can't compete against that other Book which happens to be the subject of my section 4 :).

I Know This Is an Absolutely Huge Education and a Tremendous "TRUE-Self Help Book", No Doubts! But yet, I do know Life is often a popularity contest, where people are looking for someone "popular" (e.g. Oprah) to be saying Good things about a Book, before they think it may be a Good Book, and for the Amazon rating/sales numbers to ramp up, before they consider getting it... And yet they likely would know very little about the subject matter. Best to Read through Yourselves on what is said, and You be the judge. Who knows, eventually this may find its way in the hands of the more "popular" people, that may spike it's popularity, but again, that will not change How Truly Special and Important of a Book this Truly Is Now.

There also exists reluctance in getting this Book since People typically do not like Change (not on Who they are as Good People, but How they react to things as it amounts to) to Improve, and often just carry through Life the same way expecting different results... But We just don't work that way! We need to Change some to Improve in Life (bottom line)! As such Most will never Know How Much Improvement in Life They Could Have, if they actually Worked this. The Benefits can be HUGE, if not Life Saving as was the case for me, and for Others I've seen with Book in hand Only!

Time magazine cover story “ANXIETY, DEPRESSION AND THE AMERICAN ADOLESCENT”, dated 11/7/16, identifies the Urgency of this matter as the situation continues to worsen; and this trend is applicable to Adults/Parents as well… The article Reconfirms the fact We are generally Unaware on what it takes to deal with it all including those "professionals" as well!

I have contacted approximately 400+ School Districts across the country on this, concentrating getting this in the hands of Juniors/Seniors or for those visiting their High School's Wellness centers for A & D reasons addressed in the Book. Can't express enough what a Tremendous Education this would be for Our Youth, for their Parents (likely), and Most Certainly for Our Society (as section 4 in the Book addresses). Have been doing this for some time and I Know Individually it is Impactful in what said! But as far as the School Districts Establishments (& People in numbers), since it goes against the the grain of the mental health Professionals etc. who are part of the Establishments , and since the Book mentions Spirtuality/...allowing One's Faith to Grow..., which is considered politically incorrect for the public school systems, don't think this Book would be invited. And How Very Sad is this considering Who and What is at stake here (Our Youth, their livelihood & their future) which should be The Main Focus of attention here... So Very Sad when We Leave it up to Adults in numbers, in Establishments, in today's Society!

I have also provided information about the Book to PTSD and Addiction treatment centers concerning its Positive Influence it can have on those People recovering from these conditions. The commonality between Anxiety and Depression and PTSD, and Addictions just go hand in hand, since Bottom Line, negativity is the root cause of these conditions as well. I also provide free Ebooks to Non-Profit Wellness Centers...

As I say in the Book: "I firmly believe there is a need to believe in a Higher Power in our lives. Need to identify up front that I am Christian, so I refer to the Higher Power as God and our Savior as Jesus Christ. Other Religions may have a different name for their Higher Power and may not have a Religious Being that parallels Jesus Christ; that I do not know. So please, if you practice your faith through a different Religion, while reading through this material, then please, make the associated switch to the name of your Higher Power and it should be all real and fitting for you as well." This was the most difficult part of the Book to write actually. So a more fitting way to write this, per my Beliefs as a Christian, would have been to end this text instead as: ".... and it should be (?) all real and fitting for you as well." As a Christian I will never Sway or Swerve in my Beliefs/Faith, but yet I Am Not The JUDGE/MASTER here when all is said and done; God Is! So how can I say here that if You are non "Christian" You will never be accepted when all is said and done ? There are Lots of Good/Solid People out there that are not "Christian" so I would Hope God will be Accepting just as Us Gentiles were accepted as addressed in the New Testament, post the times of the Old Testament. Again, tough area (!!) since I wrote this Book for the general public... Nonetheless , "God and Jesus" are addressed in section 4 of the Book where applicable, which tends to gravitate the general public in this direction, for those Non-Believers, or for those questioning their Faith.

Also, I refer to a non-denominational Spiritually based Book as a suggested side read which was suggested by Lucinda as well per Her Program; this aligns with having written this for the general public. Being Christian, I Presently read one of Sarah Young's Daily Devotional Books. I read "Jesus Always" day to day which is So Refreshing and It Just Reinstates Again and Again the Parallels and Uniformity between the Bible and the Positivity Tools Process included in my Book which Saved My Life actually and provided Me a Serious Stepping Stone I Needed to Enhance My Faith!

My Favorite and possibly the Most Impactful Part of the Book resides in one paragraph and it's (4) sub-bullets in section 4. This paragraph essentially ties all the pieces of the Book together as it combines the Positivity Tools with Section 4, making these and All Our Positivity statements as Strong as they can get... Per one example of this per the second sub-bullet: "Feel the Excitement, Energy, and Enthusiasm of Life with Child Like Exuberance and Enthusiasm, Through You God and Jesus, Because of You God and Jesus (& Have Faith!)". Regarding "Feel the Excitement, Energy, and Enthusiasm of Life with Child Like Exuberance and Enthusiasm" : Well as I mention in section 4, Biblically, the way We need to approach God/Heaven is with the Enthusiasm and Exuberance of a Child, so, here We are on Earth Preparing for that, so Live that Way Daily with that type Enthusiasm considering Our Gratitude and Joy for All that was provided to Us. Regarding the latter part of this statement "Through You God and Jesus, Because of You God and Jesus (& Have Faith!)": When You allow Your Faith to Grow, delving into the meaning of these Words, You Will realize How Positively Powerful and Impactful such Words are for Ourselves... Then You will Truly understand the Powerful & Positive statements We can provide to Ourselves :).

Take Care and God Bless All! Ron

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