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Michael J. Merry

Michael J. Merry

Michael J. Merry was educated at the Royal Liberty School, England. Transferred to Panama in 1959, he worked as a Telecommunications Instructor. When the Panama National Guard staged their coup in 1968, he drove the escape vehicle carrying the President, Dr. Arnulfo Arias and several Ministers, through the military blockade to safety in the Panama Canal Zone. In 1987 he became Division Vice President of a major U.S. news operation in Latin America. He was in Argentina when the Army revolted later that year and Venezuela during the attempted coup by Lt. Colonel (later President) Hugo Chávez in 1992. In 1995 he became the writer of two nationally televised financial programs and was named Editor of a popular financial report. He has published four previous books. The Golden Altar (2002 - Also available in Spanish). The Reluctant Colonel (2008) and "The Education of Santiago O'Grady" in 2014 and "Guten Tag!, Mr. Churchill", published 2016. Mr. Merry and his wife reside in Miami Shores, Florida. In October, 2017, Mill City Press announced that Michael J. Merry had been awarded third prize in the "Action/Adventure" category of their annual authors writing competition for his work, "Galleon, and seven other tales" .

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