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Bio of Thomas de Kooning Thomas de Kooning is the pseudonym for an internationally known surgeon who has taught new surgical techniques all over the world. He is mostly known for his medical device inventions, and has over two hundred and fifty patents. De Kooning was born in Texas, finished college in Southern California, and graduated from medical school in 1979. After his surgical training in San Francisco, he joined a six-man surgical group in Northern California where he practiced for twenty-five years. Along the way he started seven medical device companies and eventually won the Lifetime Achievement Award in Medicine. Medicine is a major source of influence in The Corsican Dove, and one of the main focal points in The Beijing Duck. His first love was oil painting, which he has enjoyed for over forty years. His last show was in Washington DC. He has painted the covers for all three of his books. Thomas began writing in earnest in 1989 when he woke up from a dream about a fourth volume of the Lord of the Rings. He wrote several years on the travels of the Fellowship of the Ring from the moment they left the Grey Havens until they finally passed the torch to a group from other lands. However, the Tolkien estate would not allow it to be published, so that was the end of that. His second writing project was a science fiction novel with “quite a good plot” but with “quite awful characters”. In his own words it was dreadful, but he did learn something of the mechanics of writing a book, for instance, how to go back and change what happened early in novel, in order to change directions later. The Ramone Ramone series began as a short parody of The Maltese Falcon to give to a few friends. Then the characters started talking on their own and took over. Without much effort according to the author, they worked their own ways through The Corsican Dove and The Beijing Duck. Ramone, Mr. Phone, Effing, Edward Morning-Glory, Louise, and Little Nick have pushed themselves into a third book, The Gallic Chicken, which is nearing completion. Even though, this series is entirely tongue in cheek, and written only for entertainment, you never know who is going to react badly to things nowadays. Therefore, Thomas de Kooning has chosen to use a pseudonym. He figured he irritated enough people in real life without branching out into novels. Just like everything else in life, writing is not a one person job. Many people along the way reviewed this novel, pointing to the bad parts, the dead parts, and on rare occasions showing enthusiasm. Friends did this even though they all had better things to do, than read some highly unpolished, “first draft type” prose. He chose self-publishing because he was running of space to file all the rejections from literary agents. It is difficult to choose a publishing house from all the ads on line. Some gave the impression that they were trying to earn their income on the fees collected from would-be authors, which is probably unkind. Friesen Press publishing house had a low pressure approach and were extremely professional. They have been tremendous, especially in detail and content editing. The quality of the book jumped up a couple of notches by the time they were through with it.

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