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Dan Alatorre

Dan Alatorre

Best-Selling author and humorist Dan Alatorre turns his sights on fatherhood in "Savvy Stories," and the results are hilarious.

Dan was just a normal guy - until he became a first-time dad at the age of 47 - when most of his friends were becoming grandparents or sending their kids off to college. Some will argue that Dan was never a normal guy, but nobody will argue that the addition of a bouncing baby girl changed his life. His comedic debut book "Savvy Stories" tells humorous tales about a loving dad who sees the magic in children, and isn't a bumbling stooge about changing diapers like some TV sitcom.

Dan followed up the success of "Savvy Stories" with the even better sequel "The TERRIBLE Two's," and his inspirational book "The Long Cutie," which deals with life affirming stories about people with a rare heart condition. Dan also writes short stories about parenting and family humor that appeal to everyone.

Dan's success is widespread and varied. He became a best selling author (he claims it was a slow sales week at Amazon when that happened) and has achieved President's Circle with two different Fortune 500 companies. But he has always been a writer.

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